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Agilea Solutions Gets Their Perfect Custom Software Solution

Out-of-the-box software always isn’t for everyone and many businesses look for their own custom software solution. We helped Agilea Solutions build their perfect custom software.

Agilea Solutions approached Atiba to create a custom software automation product called TestAssure. Written for Kronos, the testing software would help the organization’s enterprise HR systems perform automated testing. The design focused on leveraging behavior-driven development, the power of software automation, and the scalability of the cloud. The cloud needed to handle everything from test writing, running, and automation to full QA strategy and test plan management.

Atiba partnered with Agilea from the ground up on the project. Through staff augmentation and consultant relationships, Atiba’s flexible partnership allowed Agilea time and support to create the software, launch it to partners, and eventually run as an autonomous team. Atiba filled roles in project management, infrastructure management, product ownership, product design, platform and solution architects, application development, and operations. The teams from both Atiba and Agilea worked closely together over the course of the 2-year project.

The final product created by Atiba for Agilea is a dynamic and scalable custom software application for a new concept around automating behavior-driven development testing. It can handle an ever-changing vision and evolving product requirements.

From supporting a single application, TestAssure now supports multiple enterprise customers with the ability to rapidly scale vertically and horizontally via a cloud solution. A true partner, not only did Atiba build the software application, but the processes and operations necessary to maintain a robust, resilient product team and platform.  Agilea now successfully manages the product.

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