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Mobile App Services

Increased Remote Accessibility Through Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are surefire ways to upgrade your business and provide better service. Lochinvar Corporation needed to provide their customers remote monitoring and support through a mobile app.

Increased Remote Access

For over 100 years, Lochinvar Corporation has manufactured water heaters and boilers for homes and businesses all around the country. As part of an initiative to stay cutting edge, Lochnivar contracted Atiba to develop a mobile application for remote access to their on-boiler touchscreen user interfaces.

We took their existing code base and evaluated it for clarity and extensibility. Next, our team of skilled developers created a plan for development which included code improvement and the addition of new features. Lochinvar had already contracted an industrial design firm to build the UI, so we built our design to blend naturally around the already existing UI.

Using the latest UI and UX principles, our team was able to accommodate the design while also making the mobile app as functional as possible.

Our team also worked to integrate both existing and new boiler control systems with the cloud which allowed their customers to monitor and control their appliances via mobile apps.

To maintain the optimal end product, our team continues to provide ongoing support and works closely with Lochinvar.

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Mobile Apps Services

“I want to personally thank you for what you’ve contributed to our many projects since Lochinvar has been working with Atiba and I want you to know we’ve come to value and trust your opinions… we trust you guys implicitly!”

Manager — Lochinvar Corporation

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