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Half Geek
Half Human Podcast

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Exploring the intersections between technology, business, and life.

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Meet Our Half Geek Half Human Hosts


As one of Atiba’s most talented (and patient) project managers, Annakate knows how to translate geek into human speak.


Joey walks the line between geek and human – with a little goofball inbetween – as business development manager at Atiba.


Episode Catalog

John Bass and Les Wilkenson

Episode 2 – Hashed Health: The Future with Web3

We are joined by John Bass and Les Wilkenson of Hashed Health, an innovation firm focused on accelerating the meaningful development of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for the industry. Our topic is Web3 – the future of the internet.

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JJ Rosen

Episode 1 – JJ Rosen of Atiba: It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

Who better to kick off Atiba’s podcast than its founder JJ Rosen. In this episode, It’s Not Business, It’s Personal, JJ reveals his journey building Atiba and why in business, it is always personal.

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