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We are world-class problem solvers. It’s kind of our thing.

"Atiba has been an invaluable asset and partner. They are highly competent in both hardware and software configuration, advanced networking strategies, and have a full suite of cloud services to help our overall IT systems perform at peak efficiency. Truly a force multiplier for our business!"

-Titan Management

Your End-to-End Source for All Things Tech

Our mission is to be an end-to-end source for all computerrelated services, offering the best possible customer experience while delivering exceptional custom software development, IT and network services, website design, digital marketing, and general computer consulting services to organizations of all types and sizes.

1600+ Clients

We love to see people succeed. Whether it’s launching a new app, a brilliant website, or a custom piece of software, we create excellent products to help you accomplish your goals.

800+ Custom Software Projects

Custom software development is our jam. In 2020 alone, we wrote or edited 11.5 million lines of code. Whether you're starting from scratch or need help with an existing project, we can help.

400+ Websites

A functional, beautiful website is the backbone of most businesses. We help organizations create the website of their dreams.

300+ IT/Network Support and Consulting Projects

With deep experience and knowledge we do both one-off IT projects and provide ongoing 24x7 IT support. We know Microsoft and Linux inside and out and all major networking, cloud (AWS, Azure, Google), and hardware platforms.

89+ Employees

We have grown one by one focused on building a dream team of techies. We have some of the best developers, project managers, designers, network engineers, and geeks around.

20+ Years of Average Experience

Our network services team has, on average, 20 years of experience. We've seen just about every problem out there and look forward to finding your solution.

About Us

We were founded in 1992 in Nashville, TN as a end-to-end source for IT services, software development services, website design, and tech consulting.

Since then we have worked for over 1600 clients of all types and sizes throughout the U.S. providing tech services for businesses ranging in size from one to over 10,000 employees.

We have built a dream team of IT professionals, software developers, web designers, UX specialists, digital marketers, and project managers to help you with all your tech needs.

Half Geek, Half Human

We are unique in that we not only focus on being the best techies we can be, but we also focus on helping you make practical and proven business decisions related to your tech needs and tech projects.

Our mission is to be your long-term trusted tech partner by providing honest, fast, and experience-based recommendations that focus on getting the best return on investment.

Our Half Geek Side

We have nearly three decades of experience providing IT consulting, software development, website design, and CIO services.

With over 89 geeks and counting, we have focused on hiring the very best engineers, software developers, UX designers, and project managers to help you succeed.

Our geek side highlights include:

  • We are a one-stop shop providing customers with a single source for all your tech needs (no finger-pointing between multiple vendors.)
  • We cover all major tech platforms.  Our deep knowledge covers every platform from Microsoft to Linux, PHP to .Net, Angular to React, AWS, Azure, and more. We can choose the best tool for the job.
  • We have proven experience.  With thousands of projects completed, support tickets resolved, websites launched, and clients satisfied, we have tested and tuned experience.
  • We are in it for the long term.   In business since 1992, we have grown step-by-step every year since.

Our Half Human Side

Over the years, we have learned that there are non-technical aspects of technical projects that are critical to success.  Working within budgets, responding to issues quickly, meeting deadlines, and helping you get the best return on investment from your technology, there is a lot that goes into the human side.

Our human side focuses on:

  • Optimal Return on Investment. Making sure that every dollar spent on technology has a true return on investment.  Whether it’s implementing an off-the-shelf product, coding a solution from scratch, migrating to the cloud, or building a new website, we leverage our vast experience to help you make good business decisions with tech.
  • Reducing risk.  Using technology to reduce business risks helps you sleep at night.  We have a proactive focus on mitigating risks through backups, security audits, meeting deadlines, and more.
  • Getting the “biggest bang for the buck.”   Working for both small and large businesses, we focus on being practical.
  • Responding 24X7.  Tech issues are stressful, we help you by being here for them anytime they need help.
  • Translating geek speak into human speak.  We speak both.


To learn more about Atiba, reach out to us anytime!

We are located in the Marathon Motor Works building at 1310 Clinton Street, Nashville, TN 37203 | Phone: 615.353.1921

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