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VeruStat Becomes More Efficient with BI

VeruStat, a remote patient monitoring service, needed to become more efficient. Bogged down by manual processes, they turned to the business intelligence geeks at Atiba to help them speed up their reporting.

VeruStat is a health tech startup that aids physicians in tracking vital patient measurements at home to reduce patient visits to the physician’s office.

VeruStat has relied on a custom-built web application to manage both patients and case managers, the web app does have a few shortcomings. The biggest shortcoming is its limitation to extract data in a fluid manner. VeruStat had to implement many manual processes which are incredibly time-consuming.

They approached Atiba to help them become more efficient with their manual processes. We started by examining the manual processes and outlining what changes could be made. From there, we created reports for billing and sales operations. As this is an ongoing task, we continue to provide these reports to VeruStat including weekly calls or emergency information changes.

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Business Intelligence

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