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Business Intelligence

Vibronyx Needed Help Standardizing All Reporting Efforts

Vibronyx specializes in supply chain and analytics services for many government institutions. They turned to Atiba to help them standardize reporting efforts with a client.

Vibronyx is a  government contracting startup that specializes in supply chain technology and analytics. The  Nashville-based company has multiple government and military contracts.

Vibronyx approached Atiba after being awarded a contract for a military institution’s athletic department. While their goal is to modernize the department’s retail and general operations, they turned to Atiba to help them standardize all reporting efforts in order to aid in decision-making.

To do this, we created a set of reports to answer key questions posed by the athletic department’s senior staff. We consolidated data from the client’s current suite operations tools using R and then used the consolidated and cleansed data to create reports using Power BI.

Once the CRM is in place we plan to create an Azure SQL data warehouse to use as the data layer and will continue with Power BI as the reporting layer.

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Business Intelligence

"Atiba has been instrumental in helping to shape client thinking around their new dashboard metrics/KPIs and visual display of information to enable timely decisions that will drive organizational improvement efforts."

Tom Scarberry — Director of Operations

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