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Digital Marketing

B2B company Improves Online Presence With Digital Marketing

The pandemic was a tough time but this business decided to take it head-on and invest greatly in digital marketing services. They built up their online presence through SEO, social media management, email marketing, and digital ads.

A B2B company located in Tennessee wanted to increase their online visibility and presence. This company had made a few past efforts in the marketing sphere, so this was largely uncharted territory for them.

We were able to come in, discuss objectives, lay out a content plan, and implement a long-term SEO plan in order to increase visibility on search engines. In addition, we overhauled their social media plan on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook while also starting a monthly email marketing campaign.

First, we started by targeting certain keywords and phrases for their blog. We then moved on to expand and edit other pages, remove or redirect pages that were cannibalizing each other, and clean up the site structure.

After we took over, we saw web traffic grow for six months in a row with all metrics showing improvement each month. We were able to put numerous local search terms in map-packs and increase online visibility.

Moving ahead, we continue to offer content marketing and SEO services to this company.

Let our digital marketing experts build your online presence.

Digital Marketing

"Love the results we're seeing, more web leads and brand recognition than ever before!"

CEO — B2B Company

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