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Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp Grows with Nashville

Downtime can severely damage any business and NCVP wanted to make sure they could handle any amount of traffic.

There is no doubt that Nashville has turned into a booming metropolis and major tourist destinationThe Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp (NCVC) is at the heart of this tourist boom. 

This massive increase in visitors also meant a massive increase in website traffic. One of the challenges the NCVC faced was huge spikes in website traffic around major events and holidays. These surges often led to website crashes as their site couldn’t handle the increased demandScaling up their servers to handle the load was cost-prohibitive, as well as unnecessary for several months of the year when their traffic decreased. 

The NCVC approached Atiba with this challenge. They needed cost-effective way to handle the peaks and valleys of their site traffic while eliminating downtime. One of Atiba’s Senior Solutions Architects worked with NCVC to develop a solution. They decided cloud hosting through Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the right answer. 

AWS servers would be able to rapidly scale up or down to meet demand. For one flat fee, the client was able to handle the ever-changing demands on their siteAs the load-balancing happens automatically, they were also able to reduce the amount of technical support needed on weekends and holidays as well.  

We are proud to support the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp and the work they are doing to grow our hometown.  

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"The ATIBA team rocks! We have partnered with them for over 15 years and they are one of our most supportive, reliable partners."

Debra Smith — Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp

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