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Dollar General Upgrades Their Network Infrastructure

A slow or insecure network can be damaging to a business and upgrades are big deals. We helped Dollar General upgrade their company-wide network infrastructure to increase scalability and ease of support.

Dollar General Network Upgrades Project 

Dollar General, a nationwide retailer with over 16,000 locations, struggled to support outdated network infrastructure in their stores. Rapid expansion had necessitated piecemealed technology, but this solution limited visibility into performance and made troubleshooting increasingly difficult. 

Over the course of two years, the Atiba team project managed an entire system-wide network infrastructure refresh. This included coordinating with MSPs, contractors, and client team members. This successful update not only allowed the team to quickly troubleshoot technical issues in the stores moving forward but also allowed for a significant increase in customer data acquisition.  

While the IT team at this client was large, they did not have someone on staff with the skills or bandwidth to handle such a complex project. One of Atiba’s experienced network engineers was able to be on-site with the client for the length of the project. They worked hand-in-hand to ensure the upgrade was completed correctly and on schedule.  

Ultimately, Dollar General was able to scale efficiently both in technology and in business through their partnership with Atiba. 

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“I just spent the last hour with all the executives at DG and they made special references to the work your team performed for the community giving campaign. You guys made IT look good!!! Thank you!”

Manager — Dollar General

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