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East Tennessee Government Agency Upgrades Their Network Security

IT security is vital for any business, especially government entities. This government agency wanted to upgrade their network with as little of downtime as possible.

Ransomware attacks have increasingly targeted individuals, large corporations, and government agencies over the last decade. A government agency located in East Tennessee wanted to improve its security and contacted Atiba. The tasks performed laid the groundwork for all network and system hardening. 

One of the biggest challenges of this project was performing all of the necessary tasks with as little downtime as possible. VoIP phones, security systems, and communication systems could only go offline during a short window over the course of the day and only in short periods. This forced us to be creative but also meant there was little room for error. 

Over the next few months, we worked to replace their core network, relocated their network closets, and designed a formal strategy for their network cleanup, manageability, and uniformity. We also established remote troubleshooting channels to provide ongoing support. 

We also worked to blend vendor systems, allowing this agency to easily communicate with similar agencies around the state. 

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