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Sarah Cannon Research Institute Goes Completely Digital

Making big changes is tough, especially when one of those big changes is ditching paper and going completely digital. That’s exactly what we did to help Sarah Cannon.

Sarah Cannon, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, struggled with outdated paper-based systems. Their antiquated method was a nightmare for regulatory compliance, patient experience, and data analytics. 

While they had a robust development team, they were missing a front-end application engineer. They had tried fully outsourcing the work in the past but were never pleased with the results. They needed someone who understood their organization and could be involved in daily development.  

Atiba provided an on-site personnel resource, which allowed them to develop a custom software application to digitally manage the research process throughout the entire lifecycleThis staff augmentation position gave them the necessary skills to architect an FDA validated application, which in turn improved communication and ultimately increased involvement in research projects.  

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