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Government Contractor Needed to Adhere to Compliance Standards

Compliance is incredibly important for many industries, especially those involved in government contract work. This contractor came to Atiba to make sure they were compliant and able to keep their government contract.

Compliance is a big issue for any business, whether it be for their website or business practices. A large government contractor for a federal department needed to ensure they met the new compliance requirements, which primarily encompassed security standards.

Since these standards were newly released, this company approached us to properly guarantee they would be able to meet one of the levels of compliance as outlined by this federal department. 

At a federal level, compliance is extremely stringent and many additional measures had to be taken. We assisted this company by compiling additional documentation, reporting, monitoring, governance, training, automation, and more. Our biggest challenge was making sure that this company adhered to the compliance levels set while also being cost-effective and efficient. 

In the end, we were able to help them comply with the regulations and maintain their federal contract. 

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