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RJ Young

Web Design

RJ Young has been providing technological solutions through managed IT solutions, office equipment and technology, digital communications, and business outsourcing for more than 60 years. With 600 team members and 30 locations across nine states, RJ Young is a staple of the southeast. 

The team at RJ Young approached Atiba about giving their website a complete overhaul. Working with their executive and marketing teams, we were able to layout a design that would suit their services, vision, and push to be a part of the modern office. In addition, they wanted us to help them move their blog to a subdomain, fix any site errors, and help improve their Google Analytics. 

“Atiba was so open to not only create and entertain all of our crazy ideas, but they went the extra mile to find new, innovative ways to make our ideas even better.” 

-Laura Bullard, RJ Young Marketing Manager 


In the end, Atiba provided RJ Young with a brand-new website that was unique and captured RJ Young’s vision and mission. We were thrilled to work with RJ Young and can’t wait to work with them again in the future.