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ADS Security

Website Design, Brand Identity, Copywriting & Strategic Marketing

ADS Security is a well-known brand focused on customer service. Our approach to this project was to help bring that to life. The ultimate deliverable was a new website design, but it was a strategic and intense process in order to get there.

A collaborative effort between our team and the ADS team began with an analysis of their current site based on findings from our Google Analytics audit. We then dug into our “define” phase, executing a series of Discovery, Content Audits, Guidance and Strategy sessions. Based on the knowledge we gained from our discovery process, we created documentation as a roadmap of what needed to be accomplished and how we would get there. The key steps in this process are listed below:

  • Define your audience/goals/calls to action
  • Content audit: We need to know what content you’re using before we can start the design
    includes imagery/videos/infographics
  • Keyword Research/IA Strategy: we will dig deeper into your analytics
  • A/B Testing and Variance Coordination
  • Define page types
  • Revised Site Map
  • Wireframes (solely for the purpose of guiding the development team)
  • Copywriting  guidance (based on updated site map)
  • Google Pay-Per-Click Strategy

The design used a responsive (for mobile) web design approach, deliverables included:

  • Content Outline
  • Homepage mockup
  • Responsive homepage mockup
  • Interior page type(s) template mockup
  • Responsive interior page type(s) template mockup
  • Custom Icon Set

Files were delivered to ADS Security in house developers to execute the development of the site on the platform of their choosing.

After we completed the Website Redesign project, we were honored to extend the brand even more by working on company business cards, letterhead, and presentation templates.

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