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UI/UX Design

UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design are vital components of virtually any technology application. We are big fans of developing a highly functional software, mobile app, or website to meet a need, but it has to be user-friendly or adoption will be low to non-existent. That is where UI/UX comes in.

We start all web designs with a mobile-first mentality. We do this for two reasons. The first being that over 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. The second being that Google only crawls and indexes the mobile version of your site. With the best UI/UX design in mind, we can make sure your site is great for visitors and for Google.

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Nearly every software project we work on has a component of UI/UX. Our team creates software applications with the end-user in mind. Our team can interview end-users, understand pain points, technology skill levels, and learn how the software will fit into their routines. Our team also values brand standards. We ensure that every piece of software we create meets your branding guidelines.

Mobile Apps

UI/UX design changes rapidly within the world of mobile apps. Staying on top of trends helps apps stay relevant and modern. Our UI and UX designers are fluent in the most current trends of accessibility, efficiency, and discoverability.


We love to geek out over a well-designed website. It’s easy to tell which sites are built with the user in mind. Well-designed sites showcase the information or message they aim to convey while the site structure fades into the background. Easy-to-use sites not only make information simple to find, but they also keep users on the site longer because they continue to deliver a positive experience.

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What is UI and UX Design?

UI and UX are two terms that go hand-in-hand and are both equally important, but the two terms are often conflated. In the most basic terms, UI designers determine how a user interface will look while UX designers determine how it will function. 

User Interface design (UI) is the graphical layout of an application. UI design is about defining what the technology will visually look like. UI designers are tasked with making the website, app, or software aesthetically appealing through the use of colors, fonts, images, buttons, videos, and more. They translate any overall brand guidelines into interactive tech.  

User experience (UX) design is about engineering the way end-users interact with and move through a software, mobile app, or another piece of technology. For a website, this might look like mapping out the path for users to perform common functions and engineering the elements to create the optimal user journey.  

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If your business has a website, then you've probably stumbled across the term responsive web design or some variation of it. By no means is this a new buzzword or recent advancement (check out this article from 2011), but it can still be surprising how many websites fail to implement a proper responsive design. Websites that aren't responsive are not only being penalized by Google but are also losing customers on a daily basis. Not having a responsive website gives your visitors a bad experience and they'll likely leave without viewing a single page. Today, we're going to cover why...
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New or Old

Are you just starting out on a new website, app, or custom softwareOur designers can start from scratch to create a look and feel or work within your existing branding guidelines.  

Do you have an existing product in need of some TLC? We’ve helped many companies improve or update their existing tech. Our UI/UX designers can help. 

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