How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

By JJ Rosen October 13, 2022
how web design impacts content marketing

If you’re wondering how web design impacts content marketing, we can explain it in a way that makes sense. We often help our clients with web design and their content marketing strategy to ensure their target audience receives the brand message loud and clear. Below you will learn all the ways web design impacts content marketing and how a poorly designed website can hamper it.

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

If you’re not seeing results from your content marketing strategy, your website design may be to blame. The following are how web design impacts content marketing, so you can identify whether not you need a website redesign.

Good Impression

Web design is the first impression you give website visitors. A well-designed website keeps people on a web page long enough to read the content on it. If the first impression visitors receive is a poorly designed website, they usually don’t stay long enough to read the message.

User Experience

Web design has a lot to do with user experience. A good web design will make it easy for potential customers to find the information they need to make a decision about a product or service.

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Positive Feelings

Potential customers want to visit a business website that gives them a positive feeling. That’s what influences their trust in the business. Effective web design makes website visitors calm, happy, and excited to discover what the business offers on their website.

Relevant Content

Website visitors expect to find information, images, and other types of relevant content when they visit your site. Giving visitors what they are seeking is how you can nurture them towards conversion. In your content marketing efforts, it’s important to guide people visually, mentally, and emotionally, and that’s what good website helps you do on your site.

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Supports Written Content

Not everyone learns through written content. Many people prefer visual content, which is what web designer provides. When the brand message is understood by the web designer, visual content is created to match it in a way that accentuates it.

Color Matters

In color psychology, the color scheme chosen for your website can increase or decrease conversion rates. The best converting colors for a website are:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow

When you put those colors together with blog posts and website content, you have a formula that can skyrocket conversion rates.

How Poor Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

Now you know how good web design impacts content marketing, let’s dive into how poor web design can affect content marketing efforts.

Flashy Colors

Flashy colors can make people run for the back button to find a new website. That means people never even learn about your services and products.

White Space

While an appropriate amount of white space is good, a lot of it can make a website look empty and underdeveloped. There’s a balance between having a cluttered website with visual content and text and having white space.


A mismatched color scheme or designs that don’t relate to information on the website will distract users enough to leave confused. Users must feel as though the site flows with just the right amount of visual appeal and information. That’s why web design is so important to content marketing efforts.


When there isn’t much web design to a website, many users become uninterested in what the business is trying to sell. Published content should include different elements, such as text, images, videos, and other visual aspects that keep the user engaged.

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Poor Mobile User Experience

When a website page isn’t responsive, it doesn’t look good or function correctly on mobile devices. Web design is what ensures the content on a page looks good on all devices, including tablets and phones.

Bad for Search Engines

Search engines want to rank websites that give their users what they want. A website with poor web design isn’t one that search engines want to show their users. That’s why web design influences search engine optimization as well. When a website looks and functions well AND provides good information, search engines are happy to show it to as many of their users as possible.

Overview of How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

Web design has significant impact on content marketing. No matter if it’s website pages or blog posts, web design matters. Many people do not realize how important visual elements are to their target audience, and that affects the success of their website. A website’s design is often what stands in the way of business owners taking full advantage of all that the online world offers.

If your website isn’t performing even though you’ve tried time and time again with different digital marketing strategies, it may be time to consider your website’s design.

How Atiba Can Help with Web Design’s Impact on Content Marketing

Atiba’s tech services includes web design and development services in which we assess your current website’s design to identify any issues that may be impacting your digital marketing. We work with our clients 1:1 to understand the vision and brand message for the site, and then put together a proposal that identifies what the site requires for a better web design.

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If you’re interested in having our team of web designers asses your site for any issues that may be affecting your digital marketing strategy, complete the form below to get in touch with us. We would love to help.

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