UI UX Designer vs. Web Designer

By JJ Rosen August 11, 2022

Most people trying to decide on hiring a UI UX designer vs web designer want to know which one will be best to achieve their needs. If that’s you, Atiba is here to help you understand the differences and similarities between the two types of designers.


UI UX Designer

An UI UX designer handles two important parts of a app, software or website:

  1. User Interface (UI)
  2. User Experience (UX)

Many people do not realize the above two parts are valuable when it comes to creating a successful product (app, software, website).

User Interface (UI)

User Interface (UI) is a subset of User Experience (UX). UI affects how users visually interact with a product. The UI designer wants to know how users move across a product based on what they see, making it as easy and seamless as possible.

User interface design includes visual elements and properties that make navigating a product easy.

A UI developer may either put what the user interface designer identifies into action, or the UI designer will do it if the person has the necessary skillset.

User Experience (UX)

The UX designer hones in on user experience design to ensure a product is useful, usable, and achieves its goals.

Behind the scenes, UX designers do the user research and usability testing. Through user research, UX designers develop a persona for users to understand how they would interact with the product.

UX design includes the wireframes and task flows based on the user research and developed personas.

User experience design ensures products work the way they are supposed to and do it in a way that satisfies the target users.

How UI Design and UX Design Work Together

UI design is the visual component to the UX design, which is the framework of the product. User experience makes the product work the way it’s supposed to and user interface makes the visual components flow with the different parts of the product.

Hand-in-hand UI design and UX design create a successful product for users.


Web Designer

A web designer works on web development and design.

The “product” mentioned above included apps, software, and websites. The product for a web designer is a web page.

In the process of web development, a web designer works on layout, content, graphic design and CSS or HTML programming.

During the web development process with someone seeking a website, the web designer or web developer will use front-end development (CSS, HTML, and JavaScript) to create the product. The coding used will add creative concepts to web pages and ensure proper functioning.

Web development also includes information architecture to ensure a good experience for users. Visual design ensures the website is aesthetically pleasing.

Web Designs, Graphic Designers and Web Developers

Many web designers call themselves graphic designers because they specialize in making website look good. While they may be able to work on front-end development, they are more concerned with visual design.

A front end web developer sometimes works with a web designer when the designer doesn’t have the necessary web development skills to ensure a website functions optimally.

For instance, a front-end web developer may work with a web or graphic designer to ensure a website has responsive design (visual components display properly on various devices). Together, they ensure a website not only looks good, but works well too.

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UI UX Designer vs Web Designer Overview

The differences between UI UX design and web design are as follows:

  • A UI UX designer can work on various products, such as apps, software and websites. A web designer only works on a website.
  • A web designer many need to work with a website develop to ensure proper UX design because most web designers specialize in web design, much like UI designers specialize in the visual aspects of products.
  • A web designer orchestrates the design process and can program a website to look and function well, but a web developer ensure the functionality is of a site is top-notch. The same way that a UX designer optimizes a site to provide the best possible user experience.

All in all, web designers are limited in what they can do with development when compared to front-end developers or full-stack developer. A UI UX designer has skills in both areas – user interface design and user experience design.


How to Choose Between an UI UX Designer vs. Web Designer

The best designer for your project depends on the goals. For web-based products, a web designer may be all that is needed to achieve a high quality product.

For apps, software and websites, a UI UX designer may be the best option. A user interface designer and user experience designer provide all that’s needed in the product development process.


Why Choose Between a UI UX Designer or Web Designer?

Atiba doesn’t make you choose a UI UX designer vs. web designer. We have a large team of UI developers, UX developers, and web developers, and website designers.

When our clients hire us for a project, they receive the professional with the skills required to deliver the best possible product. We utilize the skills of developers and designers throughout the product development process whenever needed.

Our team of developers and designers are ready to tackle your project. Contact us now to discuss the details of how we can turn your product’s vision into a reality with our tech services.

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