How to Choose a Web Design Company

By JJ Rosen October 12, 2022
how to choose a web design company

There ae 1,000s of web design companies worldwide with more popping up every single day. With so many web design companies to from, how will you ever know which one is right for you? Well, we’re here to help. The following information reveals how to choose a web design company for your next website project.

Steps for How to Chose a Web Design Company

When it comes to how to choose a web design company, there are steps you should take in the decision making process. The following are the steps to take.

Step #1: Decide on Web Design or Web Development

Web development and web design are not the same.

Web development is the process of changing the way your website functions. It affects the UI (user interface) design vs UX (user experience) design of the site.

Web design is the process of changing the graphics on the site. This affects the UX design of the site.

While web development and web design often work together, not everyone needs both for their website project. Determining which one(s) you need will help you move on to the next step successfully.

Step #2: Make a Good Web Design Company List

Search Google for web design company and start browsing websites. Always consider the look and functionality of the sites you visit because a good web design company will have a good website.

If you don’t like the way the website looks or the way it flows, the website design company is likely not a good fit for you.

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Don’t forget to look for a portfolio of websites or case studies they have created when browsing websites. That can give you even more information on what the web design agency can do for you.

Step #3: Reach Out for Information

Once you have your web design agency list of possibilities, reach out for a consultation. A professional web design company will spend time to discuss your business goals and vision for the website you want designed.

You should never feel rushed through the consultation, as this is a time to determine what you want for your website, so the web designer and web developer can come up with a proposal for you.

After you speak to each web design agency, write down some notes on how you felt and what you thought of the consultation. These notes will be helpful when making the final decision.

Step #4: Collect Proposals and Consider Budget

A good web design agency will send you a proposal within a week of connecting with you. If it takes longer, it may be a sign the internal operations of the business may be slower than other website design companies.

As you receive the proposals, pay attention to the amount proposed to see if it fits within your new website budget. If it doesn’t, you can cross that one off your list.

Always consider quality when you look at the amount. You do get what you pay for with a new website or website redesign. Revisit your budget if you find that the majority of the proposals are coming over your budget. You don’t want to push away the right web design company over a few hundred dollars.

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Step #5: Write Down Additional Questions

It’s common to have questions for the web developer or web designer after reviewing the proposal. Write them down for each one of the companies you’re considering and reach back out to your contact.

If you don’t have any questions, consider asking these:

  • Will the site have responsive design? A responsive web design is more important than ever now since most people access websites through mobile devices.
  • What will the content management system be for the site?
  • Will the website be discoverable by search engines?
  • With this be a custom website vs. templated?
  • How much interaction will I have with the website designer?

Step #6: Settling on the Right Web Design Company

After you’ve gone through all of the above steps, you will likely know which is the right web design agency for you. The right web development company will take the time to get to know your business and business goals. They will want to ensure the design process is easy and satisfying.

The best agency for you will consider your business needs throughout the entire development process and design process. This includes keeping your target audience in mind when making decisions on the UI / UX Design.

The design and development process should be exciting and fun for you. When you have a good web designer and developer, you will feel as though you are getting value for your investment.

Atiba – The Best Option for Professional Website Design and Development Services

We hope the above steps help you choose the best website design company for your business. Atiba is a high level professional web design agency offering website design and development services. While our website design company is located in Nashville, we build websites for people nationwide.

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If you’re interested in adding us to your list of good website design companies, you can reach out to us by completing the form below. We will be more than happy to connect with you to discuss your vision, business goals, business needs, and answer all of the questions you have about your new website.

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