Importance of Web Design in Digital Marketing Strategy

By JJ Rosen November 8, 2022
Importance of Web Design in Digital Marketing Strategy

As a web design and development company with over 30 years in business, we can help you understand what a well-designed website can do for you you and your business. So, if you’re looking for the importance of web design in digital marketing strategy, we have that information for you.

The Importance of Web Design in Digital Marketing Strategy

The importance of web design in digital marketing strategy is undeniable. When a website has good web design, there is a marked difference in level of online success when compared to a poorly designed site. The differences below can help you understand how important web design is to your digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Google and other search engines value good web design because when their users are happy with the results they provide, they are more likely to use their search service.

That’s why search engines rank sites that have a website design that not only provides a good user experience, but also has a good user interface. These two factors, most often called UI and UX web design, are what makes a website attractive AND functional.

In addition to web design, copywriting provides information. While many people don’t realize that copy on a page is part of web design it is, so keep that in mind for your digital marketing plan.

Content Marketing

Copy on a web pages matters but so does content on the blog and other areas of the website. A website should not only offer products and services. It should also offer potential customers information about the services, products and brand.

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Surrounding the content on the site is web design, which is influential to the success of the content marketing strategy. Website users aren’t going to read the content or share it with others if there’s isn’t a good user experience.

Sites with a well-designed website and informative content are much more likely to succeed with their content marketing efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing efforts mean nothing when there’s a low conversion rate. Web design is highly important to conversion rate optimization. Page layout can either send potential customers away or it can bring them in closer to becoming buyers.

What’s the best website design for conversions? It depends on your business. Contact our team of web designers to discuss your business, target audience and how a better web design could increase your conversion rates.

Brand Image

The goal of a digital marketing strategy is to drive traffic to a website. When people get to the website, it’s the web design that picks up the work in converting those people into buyers.

A good website design increases the chances the digital marketing strategy will be successful. It’s what puts a business’ best foot forward to give people a good first impression.

A poor web design not only turns people away but it can create a poor brand image, which can follow a business for a long time.

Effective Web Design Is the Secret to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Business owners who struggle to make their digital marketing strategy work (even with a digital marketing company) may want to consider if their current website is to blame. The importance of web design in digital marketing strategy is often overlooked, but with the impact web design has on content marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate and brand image, it cannot be ignored.

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How to Improve a Website’s Design

You have a few options when it comes to improving a website’s design. Depending on your current website, you can:

  • Redesign your current business website.

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  • Have a new website built.
  • Improve your current website page by page.

Web development and web design services can help you decide what is the best course of action depending on your budget and current needs.

What Atiba Can Do for You

Atiba has been helping businesses improve their online presence for the last 30 years, and they can help you. With good design, you can show off a professional websites to your website visitors to improve your brand awareness and reputation.

Don’t sabotage your digital marketing efforts with a poorly designed website. The importance of web design in digital marketing strategy is just too great. Complete the form below to speak to a member of our web design and development services team, so we can help.


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