Conversion Focused Web Design

By JJ Rosen November 15, 2022
Conversion Focused Web Design

Business owners only care about one thing when it comes to their website, and that is revenue. While they want to make it look good, too. The primary goal is increasing conversion rate. The good news is that there is a way to do that with conversion focused web design.

What Is Conversion Focused Web Design?

Conversion focused web design is designing a website with conversion as the focus. This type of web design highlights user experience in a way that leads website visitors to purchase a product or complete a form. Conversion-focused web design produces higher conversion rates when compared to other types of web design and development services.

What to Expect from a Conversion-Focused Website

When coming up with what you want for your website’s design, you may want to consider the following aspects of conversion focused website.

Lead Generation Design Elements

Conversion rate optimization includes a call to action button prominently positioned on the website page. This may be a form to complete or a CTA button that leads website visitors to a purchase.

The form and/or CTA button must be a designed in a way that is appealing to users. It cannot be missed and it must be understood what will happen when a user interacts with it.

Prominent Contact Information

A conversion-focused website has contact information prominently displayed on all web pages. There is no way that users can miss the contact information no matter where they are on the site.

Web Design Tailored to the Target Audience

An experience web designer knows how to create a conversion-centered design that targets the right audience. Knowing the design elements and colors that are most preferred by the target audience is crucial to converting website users to buyers.

Follows the Sales Funnel

A conversion focused website is developed differently because it must lead website visitors through the sales funnel. Information hierarchy is crucial Nurturing potential customers by giving them what they desire at each stage of the buying process is what leads to high website conversion rates.

Includes Psychological Triggers

It’s all about user experience (UI and UX web design) when it comes to web pages that successfully convert users into buyers.

Conversion-focused design includes psychological triggers. These triggers increase website engagement by using the right color palette, images and copy for the target audience. With that website engagement through emotive responses, a website can turn into a lead magnet.

Responsive for Mobile Devices

The majority of Internet users are on mobile devices these days, which is why a conversion-focused design is created specifically for them. Being sure that the mobile version of a website has all of the aspects that a desktop one has is essential to ensuring a website achieves it’s conversion goals.

Perfect Balance of Important Elements and White Space

A busy website isn’t a good website. White space is powerful. Only a highly skilled website designer knows how to balance design elements and white space to bring out the most important things on a web page (or landing page).

It’s all about the attention ratio when it comes to good website design and development. A site has two seconds to grab a visitor’s attention and to keep that attention, the layout of the pages through the conversion funnel MUST be highly attractive and purposeful.

Conversion-Focused Design for Landing Pages

A landing page is an important part of the sales funnel. It’s the last ditch effort to make a sale or generate a lead. Along with all of the conversion design aspects of the website, the landing page has to be perfectly design to be effective. This means continuing to grab the visitor’s attention and give him/her an offer that can’t be refused.

How Conversion-Focused Design Makes Marketing Campaigns Effective

If your website has a lot of traffic from search engines, social media, and emails, but sales and leads have plateaued or decreased, you likely have a conversion rate optimization problem.

When you have a conversion rate optimization problem, your marketing campaigns fail. The good news is that with a bit of web design and website development, you can turn your site into a lead magnet.

When your site converts well, the work you do to bring in traffic from search engines, social media and emails will be worth it because those people will be more likely to convert – as long as they are targeting the right audience.

Learn More: Importance of Web Design in Digital Marketing Strategy

The Website Development Process for a Conversion Focused Website

If the focus is website conversions, the most important thing a web designer and developer need to know is what makes your target audience convert. That’s why when you begin the development process, you’ll be required to talk about your buyer persona(s).

With the knowledge of what makes website visitors turn into buyers in hand, the next step is to discuss the vision you have for your site. Branding is everything to business success and understanding the purpose behind colors and how they affect people can greatly help with the creation of your site.

Many people decide to alter their brand when they redesign their site for better website conversions. It’s simply because they didn’t realize their brand image and colors mattered so much to the success of their business.

Before the designer and developer move forward to start the drafts of your web pages, there will be a brief discussion about conversion goals. What services and/or products should be highlighted the most will be helpful as the layout of the site is created.

Where to Find Conversion Focused Website Design and Development

If you believe your website’s conversion rate isn’t where you want it to be, it’s a good idea to speak to a web designer or web developer about conversion-focused web design.

Your current site can be analyzed for how well it meets current conversion-centered design. Just be sure you reach out to a conversion focused web design company. If not, you may not get the information and website design you need to increase your website’s conversion rate.

When deciding on which conversion-focused web development and design company to use, ask for case studies and examples of previously designed websites. If you like what you see, move forward with the analysis and proposal to have your website redesigned.

Learn about our web design and development services.

Higher Conversion Rates = More Money = Business Success

The need for conversion-centered design when it comes to a business website cannot be denied. When your site isn’t bringing you sales and leads, you’re not making money.

Achieve your business goals with a conversion focused website. It’s as easy as reaching out to Atiba’s team of highly experienced web developers and designers.

Conversion-focused design is our specialty because we want all of our clients to be successful online with a website we create.

Schedule a time to speak to our team about your website redesign or new website project. We produce custom websites that produce high conversion rates. Let’s talk now.

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