Importance of a Professional Website

By JJ Rosen October 20, 2022
importance of a professional website

The importance of a professional website cannot be denied. People wanting to make money online need to have a professional website, or the site will not perform to achieve business goals. Just knowing this is not enough to drive home the importance of a high quality website.

The Importance of a Professional Website

The following are the most powerful reasons a professional website is important to the success of a website.

Gives a Positive Impression

As consumers, we pay attention to a business’s appeal before we decide to buy from them. This goes for a building OR a website. When a business has a nice looking building/store or an attractive website, we’re more inclined to stay and look around to see if there’s anything we want to purchase.

The same goes for potential customers online. When they go to a website that is attractive and functional, they are more likely to browse around to see what they can learn and purchase.

On the other hand, if a website isn’t professional, the customer isn’t as motivated to stay or buy anything.

Increases Search Engine Visibility

Visibility on search engine results pages means everything to a business website. Millions of people use search engines and search results are how they find a business website to purchase their needed items.

Search engines know the importance of a professional website in converting users to buyers. That’s why they give more visibility to websites that look and function the way their users expect.

A big part of professional web design is search engine optimization. The process of search engine optimization is building a good website that prospective customers love. In addition to the visual elements of a site, there’s also written content and placement of that content.

When you have a professional web design expert working on your site, you have someone who not only know how to make your website look good. You have someone who can make recommendations on content and where to place it for maximum exposure. That gets your business’ message across loud and clear.

FACT: Google reports that 85% of shoppers surveyed say product information and pictures are important to them when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from.

Does More for People Online

A good website providers not only a visual and information quality to existing and prospective customers, but also services. Business owners often miss this part in their web design as they think more about attracting new customers vs. bringing back customers for repeat business.

A professional site can do so much more for customers, which then makes them want to come back for more. For examples, customers love to be able to visit a well-designed website that is updated regularly and has information pertaining to their needs and wants.

A simple website can tell customers about services, but professional website design can describe services and provide them as well.

Attracts Users from More Sources

Search results pages aren’t the only ways to drive people to your site. Social media marketing works well too – IF you have a professionally designed website. The importance of a professional website affects all sources of traffic, especially from your social media accounts.

When you promote your services and products to people on social media, you drive them to your website. If that website matches the positive impression they have of you on social media, you are one step closer to a sale.

Again, you cannot deny how important a professional designed website is to the revenue potential of your website.

Increases Success of Email Marketing

Speaking of repeat buyers, email marketing is one of the best way to get them but only if the they had a good experience the first time. Good web design makes people want to revisit a site when they are reminded about it in an email. A poor one makes people unsubscribe to emails from your business.

So, if you’ve been receiving a lot of unsubscribes from your email marketing efforts, your website may be the reason.

TIP: Google reports 49% of shoppers surveyed think their shopping experience would be better if retailers offered promotions or deals specific to past purchases.

Reflects Professional Services and Products

Professionally designed websites reflect the services and products offered. People will see your services and products as having the same level of quality and professionalism as your website.

In addition to the services and products, potential clients see your business as a professional company as well. One they want to give their hard earned money to in exchange for information, products and services.

Importance of a Professional Web Designer

When you work with professional web designers, you’re working with experts in the web design industry. They know the website designs that work best for digital marketing and increasing online presence. Since they develop websites every day, they see what works best for a target audience and they apply that knowledge to future projects.

Give your potential clients and customers the user experience they expect from a professional company like your with a professional website.

Atiba’s Team of Professional Website Designers

Atiba has been providing web design and development services for over 30 years. Our team of web designers know the importance of a professional website, which is why we’ve been able to delivery thousands of successful websites to our customers over the years.

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Now you know the importance of a professional website, so take the next step in improving your digital marketing efforts – contact us for a web design consultation on either a new website or a website redesign.

We would be happy to be a part of achieving your business goals!

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