How Long Does It Take to Redesign a Website

By JJ Rosen October 11, 2022
how long does it take to redesign a website

If you’re asking the question: “How long does it take to redesign a website?” Atiba has the answer for you. Our website design and development services team has redesigned thousands of websites and can give you an idea of how long it takes to redesign a website and the factors involved that could shorten or lengthen that time.

How Long Does It Take to Redesign a Website?

A typical website redesign project takes three to six months depending on the size of the website.

Factors Influencing How Long It Takes to Redesign a Website

The size of the website isn’t the factor in determining how long it takes to redesign a website, through. Size is just the most influential factor. The following are all of the factors that can affect how long it takes to complete a website redesign.

Content Management System (CMS)

A website redesign process can take significantly longer if the existing website is on a platform that must be migrated to a new one. For instance, if your existing website is on Hubspot and you want to migrate it to WordPress, the website redesign process may take an additional 2-3 months as the platform is prepared for the new website.

Custom Web Design Requests

Another factor influencing how long it takes to redesign a website is the website design. If a new website needs a custom design refresh, it can take time for the web designer to create the new custom designs, send them for approval and make any edits desired. Once approved, the content needs to be put on the site.

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Web designers, especially the ones on the Atiba team, are great at designing but good work takes time. That’s why when there is a higher level of custom web design, the website redesign project may take a bit longer.

Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce website can take longer depending on how many products are on the current website. Some ecommerce websites have hundreds of products and each one of them must be redirected to the new site.

Web development for ecommerce websites on a e-commerce platform differs from that of a service-based website. Much more is involved with a shopping cart, payments, inventory, etc. Many e-commerce platforms need to be customized according to business goals, which can be an arduous process. It’s nothing our team of web development experts can’t do but it does take time.

State of Current Website

The state of the current website matters greatly in how long it takes to redesign a website. Web development may have to create more code or start from scratch if the current website doesn’t offer a good user experience.

The benefits of website development during a redesign is that it can greatly help with the visibility of the site on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Some website development teams will do a website refresh without thinking about search engine optimization. For the success of your website, it’s important the site abides by what search engines seek for their users.

When shopping for a web development company, be sure to ask if they keep search engines in mind during the redesign process.

Number of Pages

Sites with thousands of pages will take much more time in the development phase as they will have to be adjusted to fit the content on the new redesigned site.

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It’s important that all pages (landing pages, internal pages, etc.) are included in the web project. Losing pages can mean a decrease in website visitors and revenue.

Website owners want to increase website visitors and revenue, not lose it. The web development team at Atiba understands this so they are hypervigilant about the development phase of the project.

New Functionality

A web project requiring new functionality can cause the time it takes to redesign a website to increase. Depending on the functionality of the existing site, the website project may include extensive coding to improve user experience and user interface.

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What Website Owners Should Consider for the Future

Website owners who have a static website are the ones that need to have their website redesigned. Those that have a regular maintenance plan with a web design and development company don’t usually have to go through a redesign of an entire site. Why?

With a maintenance plan, it’s possible to make changes to a website on an ongoing basis. Content, landing pages, inner pages, etc. can be added as they are ready.

In fact, Google and other search engines prefer a website that is updated regularly with content, images, and even improvements in user experience. Sites that are regularly updated usually have a lower bounce rate, more website visitors, and are much more successful online.

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How Atiba Can Help with Web Development and Design

In most cases, we can have your existing state redesign in under 6 months. We understand your site is a major part of your business, especially if you have a e-commerce platform. All of the work we do is on a staging site, which doesn’t affect the live site website visitors see.

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Once the development and design phase is done according to our client’s business goals, we request a review and feedback. After making adjustments and approval, we replace the current site with the newly designed one.

If it’s been more than 2 years since you changed the way your site looks, functions, etc. it’s time for a new website. Let our website designer and developer help you do more online with your business.

Contact us now to discuss your vision for your redesigned website. We’ll be happy to offer you a custom price and average time for completion in our proposal.

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