Difference Between Web Master and Web Developer

By JJ Rosen October 17, 2022
Difference Between Web Master and Web Developer

As you’re trying to decide on hiring a webmaster vs. web developer, you probably wondered about the difference between web master and web developer. In this article, we identify how they relate and differ, so you can make a wise decision depending on your needs.

Webmaster vs. Web Developer

To understand the difference between web master and web developer, it’s important to start with the definitions of a webmaster vs. web developer.

What Is a Webmaster?

A webmaster is someone manages a website’s ongoing needs. Whenever there needs to be an adjustment or addition, the webmaster takes care of it.

Since websites often have web applications and plugins that need updating, the webmaster ensure that everything is running with its latest updates.

Webmasters can provide additional services in addition to website management, depending on their skills. Some webmasters offer:

  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • SEO
  • Web Design

Not all webmasters have the above skills, experience and knowledge, though. Some webmasters simply watch over a website and make the necessary changes as they are needed. Additional work needed with web development or web design must be performed by web designers, back-end developers or front-end developers.

What Is a Web Developer?

A web developer works in web development. Just the phrase implies – the developer develops the web (or website).

While web developer can provide webmaster services, web developers thrive in creating beautiful websites with user experience in mind. They create web pages that provide site visitors with exactly what they want when looking for information, services and products.

Web developers can be either a front-end developer or back-end developer or both, depending on their skillset. Most web developers don’t have skills in website design, which is why they often work alongside website designers.

The union between graphic designers or web designers with a web developer is what makes it possible to have a professional website.

The Big Difference Between Web Master and Web Developer

The big difference between a web master and web developer is creation. Web masters can keep a website running while a web developer creates or gets the website to run.

Webmaster vs. Web Develop: How to Decide

When you’re trying to decide between webmaster vs. web developer, think about how much creation you will need moving forward with your site. If you’re looking for a new website or a website redesign, you’ll need to start with web development. Once the new website has launched, ask yourself how much you want to change the site on an ongoing basis.

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Some business owners needs their website updated with visual elements weekly or monthly (i.e. ecommerce websites). Depending on the number of changes and how difficult it is to change, a web developer may be the best choice.

Some website changes require a change in coding languages, such as javascript and HTML. Others may be drag and drop, which can be easy for some people to perform – even web designers can do minor changes to a website if needed.

Making the Decision Between Web Master and Web Developer

It can be very hard to decide between a web master and web developer for particular websites. That’s why many people decide to have ongoing website maintenance through a team of web developers, web designers and webmasters. That way, no matter what you need for your website, you have a team with skills for all of the technical aspects you need without having to search for someone.

Atiba is a leader in providing web design and development services to clients across the United States. With a team of experts in front-end development, back-end development, UI / UX design, and full-stack development, they can take care of all their clients needs no matter what they are and when they are needed.

We take the guesswork out of deciding between webmaster vs. web developer. When you choose Atiba, you’re choosing to have the services of all specialists.

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