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Network Services

Network Services

As your business grows, so do your  IT and network needs. You need to be able to align your infrastructure strategy, maintain costs, and develop a secure network and system. Our network services team has years of experience helping companies expand their network capabilities with their business needs. 

We’ll set up a strategy session to align business goals and tailor-make a process that suits your objectives. We are Nashville’s leader when it comes to IT services. Our team will help keep your business growing and never miss a beat.

In Human

Do you have a tech problem? Our managed IT services team can solve it.

In Geek

Network security, cloud services, firewalls, compliance, and more make up part of the network services package.
Network Architecture
IT Consulting
Tech Support
Amazon Cloud (AWS)
Microsoft Azure / Office365
Security Compliance
Virtual CIO
Disaster Recovery

Some of our Network Services Clients

Managed IT Services

You need an IT partner to help manage your IT needs.  We have experts in multiple fields ready to help through 24/7 emergency help desk support, disaster recovery services, scheduled system health reporting, and onsite consultations.

In addition, we’ll make sure and follow up with quarterly reports, network monitoring, and vulnerability mitigation. We want to make sure our plan suits your business and continues to work and help. Let us handle the geek stuff while you run your business. 

>Our managed IT services experts are ready to help you.

Cloud Management Services

When it comes to making use of the cloud, there are plenty of benefits like securitycost savings, and manageability We can help you migrate to virtual servers, saving your business space while simultaneously increasing employee collaboration.  Since the cloud’s inception, Atiba has been helping companies migrate while saving them both time and money. 

>How can cloud management services help your business?

From the blog: What are the Benefits of Cloud Migration Services?

If you’re responsible for the storage, strategy, or maintenance of business data this post is for you. Because in the new digital, work-from-home, buy everything online world we live in, you probably need a cloud strategy for your business data and servers. Cloud migration services provide savings, flexibility, security, and simplicity to all kinds of businesses. Let’s talk about how.  The Future is Cloudy Rat Race is an all-time silly comedy. One of the characters, Nick Schaffer, says, “My grandfather used to say that good things take time, but great things happen all at once.” Midway through 2020 and people...
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IT Consulting

Not only can we manage all your IT needs, but we can assign our IT experts to act as consultants to help make sure your business is going in the right direction. They can serve as a virtual CIO, sit in on the IT steering committee, or provide other services. 

>Let our IT consultants take your business to the next level.

Have a network services project in mind or just have a question? Get in touch with us today.

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Email Hosting and Migration

Your business may send hundreds of emails every day and thousands more per week. To make sure your emails are secure, your service reliable, and your look professional, we’ll come in and evaluate your email hosting needs.

>See how our email and hosting migration services can help your business.

Security Audits

The average data breach can cost you over $3 million, something almost no company can afford. A security audit can help measure how secure your system is and potential vulnerabilities. We’ll test and validate current security measures, lay out a risk management plan, and measure your system’s abilities. Once the audit is complete, we’ll present our findings and advise on further steps.  

>See how a security audit can benefit your business.

Data Center

When it comes to data centers, we have a few main goals: improving cost savings, building a resilient data center, and creating a flexible and adaptable infrastructure. With businesses rapidly transforming and needs shifting, you need a data center to be just as sturdy and flexible as you’re required to be.

>How can a data center help your business?

data center company

Network Architecture

Whether you’re looking for physical or virtual components for your IT infrastructure, our team is ready to help you plan and implement all layers of a network model. As network geeks, we’re quite familiar with all levels of network architecture. We can help with any type of architecture, such as land area networks, data centers, and wide-area networks.

>Our network architecture experts can assist you in whatever area necessary.

Server Migration

Managing and maintaining onsite servers can be a huge task for any businessWe’ll check their uptime, status, and continue monitoring for optimal performance. In the end, your servers will run at peak performance while providing the end-user with a positive experience.

>Our server migration experts can help you with your next big move.


Virtualization software allows businesses to take advantage of the cloud and set up virtual machines. These different services enable users to easily distribute work across multiple virtual machines. We work with several virtual services. 

Oracle Consulting

Oracle products and databases are critical to your business, and you can’t afford any downtime. Our experienced technicians can help with any issue, whether that be data security, optimization, or data management. We also assist with on-site training, MySQL server administration, and Oracle customizations. 

>See how our Oracle services can help you and your business.

Microsoft Azure Services

A cloud-based service for testing, building, managing, and deploying applications, Azure is flexible and can scale to your needs.  Our Azure consultant experts can handle issues such as migration, support, disaster recovery, and more while helping you achieve cloud readiness. 

>Come see what our Azure consultant experts are capable of.

Microsoft Office 365 Support

Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of apps and services with recognizable names like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, and SharePoint. It was designed to be easy to use and intuitive for the end-user but does require some technical expertise to master. 

As an official Microsoft partner for over 20 years, we can help you and your business up to speed with assistance and support. 

>We provide Microsoft Office 365 support to help you get the most out of your Microsoft tools.

Google Workspace Services

Almost everyone uses Google, but not everyone uses it well.  We can help you implement Google Workspace into your business and show you how to take advantage of their numerous toolsNot using Google Workspace? We can help you migrate over as well. 

>Come check out our Google Workspace Services to learn more.

Linux Tech Support

Our Linux experts have decades of expertise in working with the Linux OS. We’ve carried out updates, patches, data transfers, and helped create a more sustainable Linux environment. We also offer emergency and 24/7 support.

>Looking for expert Linux tech support? We’ve got you covered.

tech support

Security and Firewalls

With the world turning to remote working, network security has become a tougher challenge. What happens when you have to connect to your server remotely? Is your remote access going to be as secure as being in the office?  We work with many firewall systems, including: 

Amazon Web Services

As cloud experts, we know a thing or two about how to manage and migrate to the cloud. With our Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts, we’ll provide patching, security, root cause analysis, monitoring, resource build-out, custom management configuration, disaster recovery, and more. 

With so many tools coming in the AWS package, you need experts who can handle everything flawlessly.

>Let’s help you take advantage of everything Amazon Web Services has to offer. 

Web Hosting Services

Our web hosting services are fast and secure, ensuring your website loads quickly and keeps intruders away. With over two decades of web hosting experience, we can find a web hosting solution for your business. Whether you’re a small company with a handful of employees or an enterprise-level business, we can help you today.

>Learn more about our web hosting services.

Virtual CIO Services

Are you looking for tech help? Our virtual CIO services can help. A virtual CIO (chief information officer) can be your bridge between your business and the tech world. They can advise on tech issues, help you save money, and keep you focused on your business while they stay focused on the tech.

>Go here to learn more about our virtual CIO services.

See how our network services team can help you.

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