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Security Audits

Last year, we helped prevent over 35,000 cyberattacks. A lot of that prevention comes from active security measures, like security audits. Security audits are the best way to test the IT security and position of your company. These audits provide valuable information about the potential threats, such as cyberattacks, from a team of experts in cybersecurity and network health.

Our comprehensive audits will help you improve your current security standards and make sure your business is safe from any attack.

Let's make sure your business is protected.

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Scalable Options

As your company grows, your security risks do too. We have experience auditing small businesses and large corporations. So, no matter how much you expand, we will be there to keep your business secure.

Half Geek, Half Human

IT security is a complex topic with thousands of factors playing into it. We make it easy for anyone to understand by taking the complicated language surrounding IT security and putting it in layman’s terms.

Decades of Experience

Atiba has decades of experience performing IT security audits for companies across a multitude of industries and all sizes. By choosing Atiba for your audit, you receive the skills of several seasoned technology experts.

Excerpt from our blog post: The Ultimate IT Security Audit Checklist

In life and business, many tasks can be divided up into things you can control and things you can't control. In the search engine optimization world, you can't control when Google may release an update and tank your rankings. In sales, you have a level of preparation over your sales pitch. You can't control what the client will say to you (unless you slide them a couple of front-seat tickets to the upcoming concert). Your IT security, however, is one area that you need to be in complete control. You don't want to leave your business' security up to chance...
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What Information Can A Security Audit Provide?

Security audits consist of a variety of analyses and produce results that require action to eliminate potential threats. Throughout the process, auditors are analyzing systems and looking for concerns such as:

  • Areas that lack compliance with government regulations
  • Software or hardware that is not used
  • Vulnerabilities due to recently implemented strategies or technologies
  • Inefficient or outdated security policies and procedures
  • If your business could withstand different security threats

The Advantages of An IT Security Audit

Hiring an external company to perform standard and cybersecurity audits offers significant insight into your network and IT environment. Upon completion of cybersecurity audit services, your organization will be given a list of items that require immediate action to avoid security threats.

The results are generally prioritized, and a plan is put in place to remedy existing problems. Once these items are addressed, you benefit from several advantages, including:

  • A more secure network
  • A better understanding of where to invest more resources
  • Elimination of unused assets and technologies

Interested in learning more about how an IT security audit can help your business? Reach out to us today.

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