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Custom Software

Custom Software Development Company

As one of the country’s top custom software development companies, we live and breathe software development and programming. We’ve been providing custom software solutions for businesses of all sizes for nearly 30 years.

We provide clients with a dream team of skilled custom software developers who can bring your project to life. You’ll receive top-notch design, front-end and back-end support, security and load testing, and more.

In Human

Custom software development and programming from small to large. We develop in all major platforms and languages with over 80 developers based out of our Nashville, TN offices.

In Geek

.Net, PHP, Python, Java, React, Angular, Ruby, C++, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, BI, native apps, SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal-- just to name a few.
Mobile Apps
Custom Programming
Database Architecture
C# / .Net
SQL Server

Custom Programming Services

We have been providing custom software development and programming services for companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises for nearly 30 years.

With our team of full-time software developers located in Nashville, TN, we cover all major development platforms, languages, and databases.  Here are just a few that we specialize in:

From the blog: What is Custom Programming? How It Can Help Your Business

The word 'custom' has a certain ring to it. Everyone knows what it means, but if you mention that something is custom-done, then that catches attention. Custom programming falls under the custom software umbrella. A custom software development company offers custom programming services to meet their clients' needs. Many companies find that out-of-the-box software just doesn't meet their needs. Or, a ready-to-go software such as SharePoint needs to be tweaked or built up with additional features. But what is custom programming and how can it benefit your business? Let's dive right in. Just What is Custom Programming? Custom programming is...
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Database Development

Behind the scenes, database work is often classified as nitty-gritty. Here at Atiba, we are nitty-gritty specialists. 

We can come in and handle the architecture, development, backup, recovery, and crisis management of your database. Our approach is based on building an effective plan for your business through analysis, creating an implementation plan, testing, and ongoing maintenance. 

>Ready to see how our database development services can help you?

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App Development

Outside of apps on your phone, there are a number of apps you can use for your business. We’ve offer mobile programming services for small companies to enterprise-level corporations. In our mobile apps division, we develop the following apps: 

  • Standalone Apps 
  • Web Apps 
  • Intranet Apps 

Standalone apps run locally on a device and need nothing else to be functional, even the internet. Web apps is a software application that runs within a web browser. Lastly, intranet apps run on a local server and are typically only used in-house. 

custom software company

Load Testing Services

The worst thing that can happen to a website or app is a crash or unexpected downtime. Load testing is how you can make sure an unexpected crash doesn’t throw off your business. That’s where load testing services come in.

We follow the best practices to make sure that you can stand whatever is thrown your way. No matter if you’re running an eCommerce site or a B2B app, we can come in and effectively test what you have. 

>Come see what load testing can do for your website.

Embedded Systems

These computing systems are often tasked with performing a single function and need to be perfected and ready upon implementation. 

Our developers are experts in the three aspects of an embedded system: hardware, software, and firmware. We will make sure your system is up and running from day one while also providing regular monitoring and reporting.

>See what our embedded systems experts can do for you.

Software Update Services

Your custom software needs updates to stand the test of time and stay relevant. These could be adding certain features, updating the UI, security patches, or ensuring your software meets new compliance standards. 

We offer services to ensure your custom software is ready for whatever happens next. We start with a software audit, look to update code, test for security flaws, and proceed with a new plan.  

>Our software update services team is ready to help.


custom software updates

Software Code Audits

When it comes to doing a software code and audit review, there are plenty of benefits. The first, and most obvious one, is to check for code quality and ensure your code isn’t outdated. The second is to make sure that no code needs to be replaced. Here at Atiba, we’ve done lots of code reviews for both small and large companies. We want to find ways to make your software better, more secure, and more reliable. 

>See how a software code audit can benefit your business.

Compliance Audits

A Compliance Audit is something we do a lot in healthcare, education, and defense contractors. In heavily regulated industries, there are strict guidelines and regulatory mandates that your software must adhere to. These regulations also update on a regular basis and it helps to have someone know when they’re updating and what to look out for. As an outside company, we are in a position to let you know where you do and do not conform to regulations without bias or a hidden motive.

>If you’re business, company, or entity is in need of a compliance audit, we can help.


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