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Database Development

Our database development services extend from soup-to-nuts architecture, design, and development, to saving (back-ups and recovery) your business data in a time of crisis.

Whether providing professional design or integration services in any major platform or digging into performance tuning or building an efficient backup plan, our database consultants will analyze your business requirements and provide a well-executed plan to implement a concise and effective solution.

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Database Services From Atiba

Custom database development

SQL and noSQL mixing

Database maintenance

Database support

Database emergency support

Database assessment

Scalable Options

Your business needs may grow or shrink depending on your work or scope of your project. No worries. Our flexible solutions can scale up or down to your needs.

Emergency Support

In the tech world, stuff breaks. But, it doesn't mean that your business has to suffer downtime or miss a beat. That's why we have the 24/7 emergency support option for your business.

Proven Experience

We've been in the database development game for nearly 30 years, meaning that there isn't a problem we haven't seen before. If you've got a tech problem, we're here to provide you with the tech solution.

What is Database Development For?

In this instance, ‘database’ refers to a business’s software that is typically used to maintain and store information. For simplicity’s sake, it’s always best to store information in one place.

Database development is part of a software’s development lifecycle. Database development is a key part of this lifecycle that comes after design and before testing and deployment. At its core, database development is a step-by-step process and we here at Atiba the waterfall approach, straight from the Agile management system.

If you’re looking to develop software or are looking for software updates, we can help you through this crucial process to optimizing and perfecting your custom software.

What are the Benefits of Database Development?

  • Database development helps you limit the amount of time and resources you spend managing data.
  • The development process will help you find and hammer down a concrete way to approach data management.
  • Database development helps you improve upon the quality, consistency, and use of stored information
  • Can help show you how your business is performing, how streamlined processes are, and can help gauge your customer interactions.
  • Makes your business more cost-effective and efficient.
  • It helps you link data across multiple platforms for better communication and understanding amongst employees.

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