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Software Code Audit

There are clear benefits to doing a software code audit and review. The first and most obvious one is to check for code quality and to make sure your code isn’t outdated and in need of replacement. We have done code reviews for companies large and small, and our independent, neutral findings are presented in such a way to give clients actionable steps to take for code improvement.

We also offer Quality Assurance (QA) audits and they are a bit of a different situation. In a QA review, we look at technical quality, user experience, media, databases, and processes, both internal and for the end-user. The goal is always to find ways to make your software better, more reliable, more secure, and easier to use.

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We've been helping businesses find their custom software solution for nearly 30 years. We've developed our own projects and have helped businesses with existing projects.

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Your business is fast-paced and we know that your questions need answers. We pride ourselves on quick response times in emergency and non-emergency situations.

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Just because we've completed your project doesn't mean we'll leave your business in the cold. We offer ongoing support and maintenance for businesses that need it.

Why Do You Need a Software Code Audit?

You Have Old Software

There’s never an immediate moment when software becomes outdated, but it can become old. Performing a software code audit will help you find out-of-date tools, find security vulnerabilities that need to be patched, or optimize code that hasn’t been touched in months or years.

You Haven’t Had an Audit in Awhile

Audits are a regular part of any business, for both your finances and your tech properties. Regular code audits can help ensure that your code is stable and able to be maintained.

You Have Noticed Performance Issues

Troubleshooting is one of our specialties and if you’ve noticed your software lagging in the performance department, then it’s time for a code audit. We can examine your code to find deficiencies and get your software back to its prior performance.

Something Just Seems Off

Gut feelings and experience still have a significant role to play in software. If you notice something is off about your software, even if you’re not sure what, then it’s time for a new code audit.


Different Types of Code Audits

Here at Atiba, we provide different types of code audits. Each type of audit varies in time and scope. Sometimes, all the different types of audits are performed on a piece of software. In the end, it depends on the project type.

  • Infrastructure
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Manual
  • Security


It's time to get your code back to where you need it to be.

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