B2C Website Design – How to Make It a Lead Magnet

By JJ Rosen November 16, 2022
B2C Website Design

Chances are that if you’re looking for B2C web design, you want a site that will either increase the leads you’re generating on your current website or revenue if you have an ecommerce website. The good news is that at Atiba, we have a team of highly experience website designers and developers that have the skills to create a B2C website you will be proud to show new and current customers.

In this article, we would like to divulge some of the knowledge our B2C website design team has in creating a site that doesn’t just look good, but functions as a lead magnet.

The Key Differences Between B2B Customers vs. B2C Customers

Depending on the target audience, B2B customers and B2C customers vary drastically in what they want from a website. The following are the differences you should know when it comes to web design.

Value Propositions vs. Benefits

B2B customers look for the value in services and products for their business. They want to know that the services and products on a website is going to help them make more money.

B2C customers don’t necessarily want to know how a service or product will make them more money. They want to know how the purchase they make will benefit them.

While making more money is a benefit, the perception is a bit different when it comes to B2B vs. B2C.

B2B Sales are Quick and Easy vs. Slow and Cautious

B2B websites should make it possible to purchase or schedule an appointment quick and easy. B2B businesses know what they want and have a budget ready to go for it.

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Website users are much slower in their decision making when it comes to purchases. They want information about the products and services they are interested in and if they get that on the site, they are more apt to convert as long as the pricing is in their budget.

One Time vs. Repeat

B2B purchases are usually a one time expense. Even if it’s a monthly service, that is handled within the company vs. on the website itself.

Consumers can become repeat customers that come to a website to order specific products and/or services.

Case Studies vs. Testimonials

B2B buyers want to see case studies of other B2B companies flourishing. If the case studies relate to what they seek, they are more likely to convert.

Consumers want testimonials or reviews from other people to influence their purchase decision.

Option Seeker vs. Decision-Makers

Most of the time with big companies, there’s one person that searches the Internet for options to present to an executive. B2B websites need to cater to the information those option seekers need to present. Doing that will help the business bring in more leads.

Consumers, on the other hand, are the decision makers. Even though many of them are looking for information before making a decision, they are ultimately the ones making the decision. The information they need is more of a nurturing one to lead them down the sales funnel.

How to Make B2C Website Design a Lead Magnet

B2C companies need a website that caters to their target audience. It must provide their website visitors the best user experience, so they will want to learn, shop, and return to it for additional purchases.

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When designing a B2C site, keep the following factors in mind.

Color Psychology

The color of your website should mimic your brand colors. Ensure your brand colors are attractive to your target audience. The following colors and their influence can help you decide if you need to rebrand or continue with your brand image.

Yellow: Optimism, Clarity, and Warmth

Orange: Friendly, Cheerful, and Confidence

Red: Excitement, Youthful, and Bold

Purple: Creative, Imaginative, and Wise

Blue: Trust, Dependable, and Strength

Green: Peaceful, Growth and Health

Grey: Balance, Neutral, and Calm

Think about your target audience and what the emotion is that motivates them to spend their money. That emotion should match the color of your brand and B2C web design.

Learning Style

Since consumers want to learn about the products and services they purchase, another important aspect of B2C web design is how it should be structured. For instance, if the majority of the target audience learn best with copy, there should be more text on the web pages than images. However, if users learn or prefer visual elements, the B2C web design should include more images than copy to explain offerings.

While there can be a wide variety of learning styles in a target audience, knowing what the majority is can help greatly with the design of your custom website.

Different Funnels for New Customers vs. Potential Customers

It’s important to always think of the end-user when designing a B2C website. There should be different pages for new customers and potential customers. By having a different approach for the buying process for those that already know about the products or services vs. learning about them, you provide better customer service, which often leads to higher conversion rates.

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The personal interaction great design can provide people is something that many businesses miss, which is how it can put you ahead of your competitors.

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