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We are a computer consulting company that considers ourselves "Half Geek-Half Human."

We speak both languages to ensure you understand us and our process throughout our relationship. We strive to be like "the one car mechanic in town that you can always trust." > Learn More

Sharing Knowledge and collaborating with local businesses is a key part of our mission.

In partnership with our friends and E|SPACES, primarily serving the Nashville and Franklin-area businesses, Atiba University offers complimentary classes on a plethora of tech/biz related topics. > Learn More

We Know Mobile is important to your business.

And because of that we're well versed in helping our clients make data-driven decisions regarding mobile optimization and whether the iTunes Store, Apple Store or Android Market is right for their business goals. > Learn More

Custom Software Development isn't easy to plan for, build or maintain.

Which is why we will come work right from your office, right in front of you so you can see what we're doing and ask questions as we go. This helps set clear expectations up front on potential risks associated with your project. >Click Here to Learn More

Your Network is our business.

There is much more to network services than just making things work. It's important to make things work as efficiently as they possibly can. We don't just help our clients get by. We help them do more. > Learn More

Yummy Web Goodness comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.

Our Cabedge Farmers pride themselves on helping clients discover how to achieve their business goals via designing clear and focused strategies and planning, writing, designing and building websites and online marketing campaigns. > Learn More

Everything We Offer

  • .Net (C# | VB.Net)
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C++ | Objective C
  • Ruby / Rails
  • Java
  • Microsoft | Linux Support
  • SQL Server | MySQL | Oracle
  • LAMP
  • SharePoint | BizTalk | Exchange | Lync
  • Cisco | Sonicwall | Dell
  • VMWare | Amazon Cloud