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PHP Development Company

One of the most popular open-source scripting languages in the world is PHP. Primarily used for web development, it can easily be embedded into HTML. Atiba has been working with PHP since 1995 and we are Nashville’s leading PHP programming company.

We take the Half-Geek, Half-Human approach helping clients on both the technical side and business side to meet their goals. We’re geeky enough to stay around and code all night but we know that your business deserves a personal approach.

Looking for a PHP development partner? You've come to the right place.

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Nashville's Leading WordPress Development Company

We know that things move quickly in the business world. When it comes to making a decision, you often don't have time to wait around. On average, we respond to issues in 15 minutes or less.. Our goal is to match your pace and make sure we're keeping up with you.

Proven Experience

Atiba was founded in 1992 and PHP came around in 1995. Even though we're three years older than PHP, we think of it as the scripting language we grew up with. Since we've been around so long, we can reminisce about the good old days of the original version of PHP yet still know to complete a project in the latest version. We're ready to take on any project you're got in store for us.

Continued Support

In case you haven't noticed, tech things tend to run into bugs now and then. With Atiba, we're going to be with you from the development stage and onwards. Our proactive approach means we'll be on the lookout for errors and try to squash them before they become a problem. Plus, we'll be there for any advising and consulting as your business grows.

PHP Programming Services at Atiba

  • PHP programming
  • Symfony
  • Laravel
  • PHP Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • PHP  Performance Optimization
  • Security Audits
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Emergency Support
  • WordPress Development and Custom Plugins
  • Drupal Development

Benefits of Using PHP

Accelerated Development

Thanks to the various features, tools, and code snippets within PHP frameworks, developers can pull these resources to accelerate development and provide an excellent user experience once the project is completed.


There are plenty of processes in coding that require additional work and effort. With PHP, developers can automate certain tasks such as session management, authentication, and caching.

Enhanced Security

PHP offers developers a number of ways to protect websites from potential security threats. Some of these are built-in while others are mechanisms provided by PHP frameworks.


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