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Keywords, traffic, leads & conversions. Let us break it down for you.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the only real search engines that matter anymore, and we know that they look for two main things, one of them being websites that deliver compelling and unique content on a consistent basis. So if you’re looking to rank high on Google for your desired keywords relevant to your business, remember those two words – compelling and consistent – when it comes to delivering content. Of course, meta data and search engine page titles are part of the on-page SEO equation, but building and implementing a true, long-term content strategy is what we’re after for our clients.

We know that when it comes to linkbuilding, one backlink on a quality website that is relevant to your content and brand will provide infinitely better value to not only your business, but also to your Google results than 50,000 links purchased on link farms. No, seriously. Our experience in public relations, journalism and story-pitching is utilized in our SEO strategy through a comprehensive digital public relations distribution plan customized to each of our SEO clients.

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