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Online Reputation Management 

Online reputation management is a method of influencing the search results of a company or individual by utilizing search engine optimization techniques. Online reviews, news articles, blogs, and more can shape the way people view you or your organization. If you’re leaving these search results up to chance, then what people see might be less than ideal. Negative reviews and negative press can have a serious financial impact. Online reputation management allows you to take control of your online presence and own the narrative around your brand. 

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Search Engine Diversity

Google’s goal is to provide the best results to each query, so it tends to favor a wide variety of types of results. This includes websites, blogs, videos, images, news, reviews, and social media. One of the best ways to manage your online reputation is through developing positive content in a variety of these categories.

Manage Bad Press

It’s no secret that unfavorable news stories can hurt a business. Luckily, the chances of someone going past the first search results page in Google are very slim. Suppression is the best option to manage bad press. This means creating positive content for your brand to promote so it appears before the negative results. Increasing the rankings for these positive results takes time, but is incredibly effective.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are more valuable than ever. While the weightiness of reviews is somewhat industry-dependent, online reviews are important in every industry. Just like with negative press, removing negative reviews can be challenging. One of the best ways to improve what people are saying about your brand is to develop a strategy to increase positive reviews.

Why Does Your Business Need Reputation Management?

Control the Narrative 

Take back control of what people are saying about you or your business with online reputation management. You don’t have to live with your brand being misrepresented online. Using several effective strategies, we can help you control the narrative and own your story. 

Improved Organic Rankings

Online reviews and press can increase your organic rankings. Reviews show Google and other search engines that your entity is relevant and active while press allows your business to gain important backlinks to improve your search engine rankings.

Enhanced Professional Image

Branding is crucial for companies. Making sure your branding and image is professional is a way to resonate with customers. It takes anywhere from five to seven impressions for a brand to stick with a consumer. You want to make sure all those impressions and professional and positive.

Helps Build Trust

Controlling your reputation is a way to build trust amongst consumers. People that trust your brand are more likely to keep coming back and using your services or purchasing your products.

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