Employee Spotlight Recap

By Jay Kelley December 15, 2020
abby dawson

In our ongoing series, we are exploring our “Half-Human” side. Check out the latest employee spotlights to learn more about some of our great humans.

We like to say we are half-geek and half-human. We pride ourselves on having extremely knowledgeable techies who can communicate well and work with you to solve your unique business challenges. Click the links below to get to know them.

David Callahan – Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Legal Counsel

I worked as outside counsel for Atiba for 10 years and have been in-house since July of 2019. I currently serve as the Chief Legal Counsel and the Chief Strategy Officer. 

What is your favorite part about working at Atiba? 

It would have to be the people. It’s hard to work with a company for a long time if it does not have great people. Atiba really does consist of some of the best people I have ever had the privilege of working with. 

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jake petersonJake Peterson – Digital Marketing Specialist

I joined the Atiba team in May 2020 as the SEO specialist and content marketing virtuoso on the digital marketing team. Web design has been part of the fabric of Atiba for over 20 years, so it only made sense to bring in an SEO specialist to complement the web design side.

Atiba is based in Nashville, but I’ve been in Madrid, Spain for almost seven years now taking remote work to the next level. That makes me, unofficially, the self-appointed King and Emperor of Atiba’s European Division.  

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Rachael Ghobrial – Web Development Team Lead

I started just over a year ago. I joined Atiba in July of 2019 as the Web Development team lead. My main job is to ensure that our team is delivering high-quality website solutions to our clients to meet their business goals. Additionally, you may find me working as a project manager on some of our more complex custom solutions.

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abby dawson

Abby Dawson – Content Author

Earlier this year, Atiba saw an opportunity to expand their digital marketing agency services. They already offered web design and custom software solutions, so digital marketing was a natural next step. I joined the team in May of 2020 to help grow the digital marketing offerings. It hasn’t even been a year and it feels like a lifetime ago! It was the most unusual start I’ve had in a role, never meeting my boss or coworkers in person. But the culture is so strong and inclusive at Atiba that I really felt welcome and included right from the start.  

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Joey Baggott – Business Development Manager

I joined Atiba in March of 2020 as the Business Development Manager, so I’m still fairly new to the Atiba teamI primarily focus on Atiba’s Network Services offering.  My goal is to help businesses develop the most efficient solution to their network environment and architecture. Atiba doesn’t sell “one size fits all” solutions, so I work with our Senior Network Engineers to create custom solutions for every organization. 

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