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Web Development Employee Spotlight

Rachael Ghobrial Web Development Team

As part of a new series exploring our “Half-Human” side, we recently (virtually) sat down with Rachael Ghobrial from our Web Development team.

How long have you been with Atiba and what is your role?

I started just over a year ago. I joined Atiba is July of 2019 as the Web Development team lead. My main job is to ensure that our team is delivering high-quality website solutions to our clients to meet their business goals. Additionally, you may find me working as a project manager on some of our more complex custom solutions.

What is your favorite part about working at Atiba 

My favorite thing about working at Atiba is being able to build amazing solutions for our clients with a very talented team. My favorite parts of a project are the initial meetings with our clients to get to know them and understand what problems they need solved, so we can make their business and their lives better. Knowing that I can then turn around and execute that solution with such a dedicated and talented team is incredibly exciting.  

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?  

Honestly, the work itself. I genuinely enjoy coming to work, the team that I’m on, and the solutions we get to build. Atiba is a fun, collaborative, and fast-paced environment.  

What was the best vacation you ever took? 

This past year we had a beach vacation to Hilton Head with just my husband and two boys. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, but it is hands down the best vacation I’ve had so far. All four of us were able to relax and play. It was probably less exciting for the poor starfish that lost a leg. 

What’s one piece of wisdom handed down from a family member that you’ll always remember? 

Stop and enjoy the moment. Outside of work I have a very busy family life with two young boys. One of my favorite things to do after a long day is silence my phone and watch my boys discover life. They are joyous and curious little things and it is always a reminder of my purpose here today. 

If you were to start a blog, what would the blog be about? (Joke) 

“How to be a full time working parent in a global pandemic.”  

Post 1 – “5  Steps to restore your sanity”  

1. Don’t be a parent
2. Don’t have a job
3. Don’t be married
4. Your diet is now all sugar 
5. Cry into your body pillow every night 

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