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Data Centers

Data centers are facilities where your company’s servers and other data storage devices can be securely held. These facilities maximize your office’s use of space and offer a much more secure environment for you to store all of your data.

Our data center services experts can help you implement, maintain, enhance, and operate your data center. We’ll help make sure your data center is performing at its optimal potential without wasting precious resources. We want to help you get the most out of this integral facet of your business.

We want to help your business grow.

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Scalable Options

Our data center services can cover all of your secure storage needs. Regardless of if you are a small business with one server or a titan of industry with a fleet of them, we have the perfect solution for you.

Dedicated Experts

Atiba’s team of data center experts is there to help you around the clock. We make it our mission to secure all of your data and consistently research better ways to protect your business further.

Ongoing Maintenance Commitment

When housing your data with Atiba’s data center, you can rest assured that our data security experts are performing continual maintenance to keep your servers and technology operating at peak efficiency.

Data Centers Secure Your Sensitive Information

Data centers offer an off-site, secure storage facility that specializes in keeping information protected from unauthorized users. When you access data from the secured facility for your company, it will be heavily encrypted to ensure successful delivery without any concerns of unauthorized access. The facility also has physical security measures in place to avoid any loss of data due to a natural disaster and prevent unauthorized users from accessing the systems.

Why We Recommend Using A Data Center

The perks that come from using a data center are extensive, but here are some of the top benefits.

Reduce Wasted Funds

It takes a lot of money and time to house and maintain data servers. Servers require controlled climates, continual maintenance, and a litany of preventative measures to ensure optimal performance. By utilizing the services of a data center, your employees don’t have to stress about data storage and can spend more time helping develop your business.

Regain Office Space

Not only do you save money by housing your data at a secure data center, but you also regain the space previously intended to house all of your servers and related technology. This means that you can better utilize your existing space and improve the flow of your office.

Peace of Mind

There are countless ways that data can be compromised. Whether it is by cyberattacks, natural disasters, or human error, keeping data stored in-house exposes them to these and other concerns.

On the other hand, data centers are designed with security in mind on a physical and digital level. This means that you can rest assured that your information is well protected and focus more on other matters.

Let's use a data center to help your business.

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