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Legal Technology Solutions

We’ve worked with legal firms for nearly 30 years, from large practices in major cities to private practices with a small staff. If you’re looking for a tech partner that speaks your language, then you’ve come to the right place.  

When it comes to helping your law firm or practice, we offer several services from web design to digital marketing. We can help make your law firm more efficient, protected, or noticed through our various service offerings.

We can help take your law firm to the next level.

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Legal IT Services

We know that your law firm is busy working with clients and juggling hundreds of things at once. Our IT services team provides IT support for law firms so you don’t have to worry about the geeky stuff.

Throughout our nearly 30 years in business, we’ve helped a number of law firms of all sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in business for just a few years with a handful of employees or you’ve

Migration Services

Looking to migrate your business to the cloud? What about migration your email hosting? Whatever your project is, we can handle it.

Network Security

We know law firms are in control of a number of sensitive documents. You need a secure network to keep your law firm safe from malicious attacks. We offer privacy and risk assessments to keep you safe.

Managed Services

You need to be able to focus on your law firm, not worrying about the tech issues. Our managed services team can make sure you're staying focused on your practice and not on tech issues.

Legal Custom Software Development 

Your legal practice or law firm is unique. For many, out-of-the-box software just isn’t going to cut it. It may work in the interim, but they often lack the necessary features for long-term use. That’s why you need a custom software solution for your legal team 

As a law firm, you need access to case files, client files, and variety of other documents no matter where you are. Whether you’re on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, you need to be able to access what you need to access immediately.  

Legal Mobile App Development  

Our mobile app process is three-fold:  

Consultation-We’ll help you decide what your app will look like, what technology we’ll use, and what features are essential 

Planning-Whether your app is brand new or you want to update an existing app, the planning stage is vital. Here, you’ll begin to see the early stages of design and how your app will look 

Strategy-Finally, we’ll get into the design and development of your app. We’re flexible and can work with you if you’re in a time crunch or if you have a long-term plan.   

Law Firm Digital Marketing

The legal industry is quite competitive and you need a way to stand out from the crowd. We provide digital marketing services for law firms as part of our “one-stop-shop” offerings to help you get the online exposure you need.

No matter what your goals are, we can put together a digital marketing plan that uses any number of tools from our digital marketing package, whether that be:

SEO Services

Grow your law firm with our SEO services. We can help you get ahead in your local market and bring in more online leads.

Digital Ads

Thinking about launching a Google Ads or social media campaign? We can help you manage your campaign and grow your business through digital ads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective strategy to get your business in front of past and current clients. We'll help you start and eventually launch a campaign.

Law Firm Web Design  

As a lawyer, you’re likely interacting with hundreds of people a month. While you may have the perfect handshake and introductory pitch, what is your website saying about you? Does it offer the same level of professionalism and service that you offer?  

As law firm web design experts, we can help you with your website. Whether that be a fresh coat of paint on your current website or a complete site overhaul, we’re here to make sure that your online visibility is as professional as you are.  

Business Intelligence for Law Firms  

To be as profitable as possible, many law firms are turning towards business intelligence and analytics. While the gut feeling, business acumen, and experience will always be important, it’s also vital that law firms are using hard data and analytics to make decisions and analyze projects.  

As law firm business intelligence experts, we can help you sort through that data, analyze your data, and present detailed reports to help you make future business decisions.   

Want to learn more about our legal technology solutions? Reach out today!

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