Why a Custom Built Website Is Better

By JJ Rosen December 12, 2022
custom built site

If you’re considering a custom-built website, you probably want to know what it is about it that is worth the money. You’ve also probably looked at templates and thought they were good enough. The fact that you’re reading this right now means that you’re not convinced it’s the best way to build a website, and you’re right.

Why a Custom-Built Website Is Better

The following information will convince you why a custom-built website is the right decision.


If you choose to have a templated website, you may find the same website for a similar business. Not only does this confuse potential customers that may find your website and a competitor’s, but it could cause you to lose a sale.

A custom website means having a unique site that no one (including your competitors will have), which means there won’t ever be any brand confusion.

Robust Content Management System

Templated websites often have a simple content management system (CMS). You will have to fit your content needs into the CMS provided. The CMS of a custom website is different. It meets the needs of your site vs. your site meeting the needs of the CMS.

While you may not care about this now if you don’t have much content, but it will matter greatly a year from now. A simple CMS may not be able to handle all of the content you provide your customers. That means you’ll have to redesign your website much sooner, which could cost more than starting with a custom built website.

Lives Longer

A custom website “lives” longer than a templated one because it can be updated as much and as often as needed. Unless you want a completely different website, you will never have to overhaul your new website. You can make changes as needed and that provides a better user experience for repeat visitors over time.

Better Design Elements

A templated website design has limitations because it’s built with a website builder. A custom-built site has no website design limitations.

Web design means everything to the success of a site because it is what Internet users consume. You want to be able to create web pages that exceed your potential customers’ expectations, and you can’t do that with template websites.

User Interface Benefits

Website templates do not have as many options when it comes to user interface because business operations vary widely. If you have basic operations and don’t anticipate your business growing to the point of needing new features for your customers, a template website may be good enough.

The alternative is having a template website now and then redesign your website later to incorporate the additions needed. Unfortunately, this often costs a lot more in the long run than starting with a custom website.

Online Visibility

Search engines such as Google and Bing prefer custom websites built on WordPress. When it comes to ranking well on search engine results pages, sites that are custom built usually have better success. Of course, that also depends on ongoing web development, but with a solid strategy for search engine optimization, custom sites do well.

Bigger and Better eCommerce Website

eCommerce businesses that have hundreds of products need a custom site that can handle all of the content, sales, and other business needs. A templated site can drag a site down to a certain level of functionality that will not help an ecommerce business grow.

An online store is meant to grow depending on the needs of customers. Don’t limit your business website with a templated site that has a theme many others use.

How to Get Started with a Custom Built Site

There’s no denying that a custom built site is the best option for digital marketing success. No matter if you want an ecommerce website or a service-based one, you can have a custom website that will meet your target audience’s needs.

The first step in creating a custom built website is to hire a web design company. Fortunately, Atiba offers high quality web development and design services as part of its tech services. When you reach out to us for a custom website, you will be able to work closely with one of our highly experienced and skilled developers to create custom web design for your site.

We take the vision of your website and turn it into reality with custom designs and development. Complete the form below to get in touch with us for an appointment.

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