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Ubiquiti Support Services

Ubiquiti is a tech company that specializes in wireless and wired data communication. Founded in 2005, Ubiquiti has grown tremendously over the past 15+ years to become one of the nation’s leaders in wireless data communication and network management technology.

Here at Atiba, we work with many of Ubiquiti’s offerings, such as network management, WIFI access, VOIP, and network switches. We can help you take advantage of Ubiquiti devices and get the most out of their products.

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Nearly 30 Years of Expertise

Since 1992 our technology experts have provided our clients with the technology and support they need to achieve their business goals.

Ongoing Maintenance Commitment

We are there to provide regular maintenance on your systems to ensure everything is running efficiently and securely and prevent future issues.

Emergency Support

We offer round-the-clock emergency support services to fix problems as soon as they occur, meaning less downtime for your business.

What Does Ubiquiti Offer?

Ubiquiti provides technology surrounding data communication and security. Their goal is to minimize your vulnerabilities while maximizing your capabilities. They offer products including:

  • Firewalls Equipped with a VPN
  • Security Gateways
  • Switching
  • WiFi Equipment & Installation
  • VoIP

How Can Atiba Support You?

We will help you with the acquisition, deployment, and management of Ubiquiti tools. With our support, you will get the most out of your technology. In addition to our Ubiquiti support services, we also provide services such as:

  • Tech Support (24/7)
  • Network Architecture
  • Security Audits
  • IT Consulting
  • Server Migration
  • Cloud Management

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