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The world is going mobile. Take for example eCommerce. As of 2018, 31 percent of all online sales were transacted on a mobile device, up from just 10 percent in 2010. And that number is going to continue to grow into the future. When you look at overall web traffic as a whole, 2017 was the first time that a majority of it was on a mobile app and it is continuing its steady rise.

man using a mobile appAs coding practices improve and apps get faster and easier to navigate, people are going to spend more and more time on their phones and tablets and less time on their computers. While computers aren’t going away anytime soon, some experts believe they will trend toward being used for large enterprise-type systems while the rest of the world goes mobile.

So when should you commit to building a mobile app? A mobile app is probably the right choice:

  • If your app will have a location component, like ride sharing
  • If your app needs to deliver information in real time, like a fitness tracker
  • If your app gives your business a unique selling proposition

The mobile app division at Atiba is staffed by senior level programmers with years of experience building fast, efficient mobile apps in many different programming language. All mobile apps we build are optimized for cross-platform compatibility with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. When we deliver your app, it will be ready to upload for immediate download to your customers or users. Let us know if you are considering going mobile.

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