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Load Testing Services

Load and performance testing services are a way to make sure your platform will operate at optimal performance in the case of a traffic spike, whether that spike is planned or a surprise.

It’s not just for new web deployments though. Load testing should be performed on a regular basis to ensure that your platform is maintaining optimal performance. You also need the right load testing tools to get the job done.

We have years of experience performing load testing services and we follow all best practices while keeping up with industry improvements as they come out.

Need to test your systems and make sure they're up to par? Let us help.

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Test Your Site and Apps

We'll test out your web app, website, or API with thousands of concurrent connections. We'll help make sure you withstand a spike in traffic no matter what the cause.

Prepare for the Unexpected

A traffic spike might be expected, like around the holiday season, but it could also come at an unforeseen time. We'll help make sure you're ready for whatever comes your way.

Ongoing Maintenance

If we see that we need to help improve your site or web app, we'll stick around to keep testing and configuring until you feel satisfied with the result.

Different Types of Load testing

Load testing is a broad term and there are various types of load testing that can be performed within your organization to test various operations and services. Here are some of the most popular types.

Stress Testing

Designed to test an application by overloading or removes available resources.

Reliability Testing

The test is designed to see whether your system can operate under a certain load for a period of time.

Volume Testing

This test is designed to see how your application deals with an increasing volume of data over a period of time.

Performance Testing

The aim of this test is to find certain bottlenecks in the program or application and establishing a performance benchmark. This test is not made to discover or unearth defects within the program.


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