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Load testing is a way to make sure your platform will operate at optimal performance in the case of a traffic spike, whether it is planned or a surprise. It isn’t just for new web deployments. Load testings should be done on a regular basis to ensure that your platform is maintaining optimal performance. You also need the right load testing tools to get the job done.

Additionally, if you have specific periods of increased traffic, like an eCommerce site at the holidays or a student testing platform during the testing window, you should do load testing prior to those high-stress events.

load testing servicesThe purpose of load testing is to make sure your platform will perform as efficiently as possible at the maximum user load for which it was designed. When you test your system beyond the parameters to which it was designed, that is called a stress test.

An example would be a new eCommerce platform that sells grilling items. As you get toward Father’s Day you plan to start promoting your grilling items as a great gift for dad.

You expect traffic to increase by 40 percent, but to be careful we’ll go with 60 percent. You may have done a bunch of testing as you were building the site, but it is critical the site be tested as it is to see if it can handle the traffic. That’s where we come in.

Atiba has years of experience in doing load testing and we follow all the best practices and keep up with all the industry improvements as they come out. Let us know if you have a load testing project you need help with.

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