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Web Design for Dentists

For dentists, your online presence is just as important as how many cavities you fill this year. Maybe not quite as important, but having a solid website is a way to attract new patients and have a 24/7 salesman for your practice. A poor website experience can drive users away from your site and away from your practice.

That’s why it’s so important to have a modern and up-to-date website for your practice. Not only can you connect with existing and new patients, but you can answer questions, provide directions, and give contact information all in one easy-to-find place. Whether you’re looking for a new website for your practice or some design tweaks, we can help.

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Dental Practice Web Design Services

Mobile-First Design

With over 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, your website needs to be mobile-ready. That's why we start our design with mobile devices first.

Responsive Design

There are countless different screen sizes out there. From mobile phones to giant curved monitors, your dental website needs to look great on all devices. Our designers build out responsive websites to make sure you're ready for everything.

SEO Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is how organic visitors can find your site. We build your website with the best SEO practices in mind so visitors can easily find your website.

Maintenance and Support

Just because your website goes live doesn't mean that the work is through. We provide consistent support and maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

Web Development

In addition to design, we provide web development services. If your site is experiencing technical issues or slow loading, we can help.


Wireframes are the storyboard to your website. They are a basic look at what your website could look like and will help you get an idea of the look and layout.

Excerpt from our blog post: 5 Things to Know about User and Customer Experience

Customer experience and user experience are hot buzzwords these days. And there's a good reason for it. 20 years ago there were fewer ways to interact with a business. You might see an ad on TV or fly by a billboard on the interstate. If you wanted to buy from them you were probably making that purchase in person, talking to a representative of the company while you shopped around. If not in person, you were purchasing over the phone. The success of a phone interaction depends entirely on verbal communication. But even those awkward phone calls meant that a...
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How Can a Website Help Your Dental Practice

Establish Your Brand

Did you know it takes a consumer 5-7 times on average to remember a brand? Your website can play a crucial role in brand recognition. If people visit your site and have a positive interaction, they’re more likely to continue coming back and remember your practice in the future.

Newer Websites Function Better

Technology changes rapidly from year to year and even month to month. If you have an old, outdated website, you’re likely doing more harm than good. Not only does an outdated website turn away consumers, but it also poses security and performance risks. Having an updated, fresh website can help combat those issues.

It’s Your 24/7 Salesperson

You can’t always have someone ready by the phone to answer inquiries or give directions, but your website can function that way. You can provide easy lines of communication, service information, and much more with just the click of a button.

Let's get your dental practice online.

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