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Visual C++ Cross-Platform Mobile Development Services

Despite its age, C++ has been able to hang around, make its way into the smartphone era, and stay alive as one of the most popular development languages out there. C++ can be used to develop mobile apps on many platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Here at Atiba, we’ve been using C++ ever since our beginning days almost 30 years ago. We are a leading C++ mobile development company and know the ins and outs of this programming language. If you’re looking for a C++ mobile app developer, you’ve come to the right place.

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C++ Experience

You'll be hard-pressed to find someone more experienced in C++ than we are. We've been working with C++ for nearly 30 years, using it for everything from web development to mobile apps today.

Ongoing Support

Through our perfected mobile app development process, we put a big emphasis on ongoing support. Why? Just because your mobile app is released doesn't mean the work is finished. We'll stick around for updates, upgrades, or any troubleshooting that may pop up along the way.

Industry Experience

We have helped a number of businesses across various industries carry out their mobile app project. Whether you're a small, local bank or an established legal firm with over 100 employees, we can build your custom mobile app solution.

Versatile and Speedy Development

Speed and Functionality

Just because it’s old doesn’t have to mean it’s slow. C++ is faster than many other programming languages due to the fact that it’s a compiler-based language. This helps both users and developers, as everyone can appreciate speedy processes.


Having been around for quite some time, C++ is quite versatile in its uses. Besides being used in mobile app development, developers can use C++ to create libraries, carry out system maintenance, and software design. If you’ve got multiple projects involving C++, we can help.


C++ is often most renowned for its efficiency. It offers memory management which means it can be written to execute with the need of a garbage collector. This means that more resources are put into executing the code, making it more efficient and powerful overall.

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