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VB.NET Development

An update to the classic Visual Basic language, VB.NET has a lot of similarities with its predecessors, all the way back to the original BASIC.  But it has also evolved quite a bit.  VB.NET is a very accessible tool for beginners, and useful for rapidly implementing quick and simple applications. 

It has been used to develop Windows, web, and office applications, all on the .NET framework.  We have been using VB.NET since its early days, and we can help you troubleshoot your VB.NET apps as well. 

We're here to help with your VB.NET project.

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Experienced Developers

We've been working with VB.NET since its inception back in 2001. With over 20 years of experience, we can help you troubleshoot your VB.NET applications.

Scalable Options

No matter what size your business is, from small businesses with a handful of employees to enterprise-level companies, we can scale to meet your needs and find the perfect solution.

24/7 Help Desk

Emergencies never come at the right time which is why we have the 24/7 emergency help desk option for businesses. We want to make sure your business doesn't miss a beat.

What is VB.NET Used For?

With over 20 years in existence, what is VB.NET primarily used for?

  • eCommerce web applications
  • Windows controls and control libraries
  • Windows-based web applications
  • Windows services
  • Accessing application object models
  • Web services
  • .NET classes and namespaces

What Are the Benefits of VB.NET?

If something has been around for 20 years, it must be doing something right. What are the biggest benefits of VB.NET?

  • VB.NET is known for producing efficient applications and is self-capable.
  • It is also a platform-independent technology and can be run on a number of different operating systems.
  • VB.NET has all the features of modern technologies and is a general-purpose language.
  • Developers also love the fact that it has a large community with plenty of support as part of the .NET framework.

Let's start making something great together.

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