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Custom Software Update Services

For many businesses, out-of-the-box software just isn’t enough. You need a custom software solution to provide for your employees, clients, or both.

But software needs to be updated to make sure it’s secure, has new features, and continues to provide great service. Here at Atiba, we provide custom software updates even if we didn’t develop the original software. We can come in and make the changes you’re looking for.

Ready to update your custom software? We can help.

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Custom Software Experience

Ever since we opened up shop back in 1992, we've been working with custom software. Whether that's starting from scratch or updating other projects, we've done it all.

Ongoing Maintenance

We know that updates are an ongoing task and we'll be sure to stick around once the initial update is complete. We'll make sure you're updated now and down the road.

Project Rescues

We've helped a number of businesses, from startups to enterprise-level businesses, restart their custom software plans. Even if we're brought in half way, we can make sure it finishes well.

Why Do I Need Software Update Services?

While out-of-the-box software is updated regularly, your custom software may not have the same regular updates. Even if you’re not sure, we can help you with your software problem.

Security Upgrades

Every day, new threats appear and businesses, government entities, and more are targeted by cybercriminals. Upgrading your software is a way to ensure that it’s protected from the latest cyberattacks, keeping your and your customers’ information safe.

Your Past Developers Bailed on You

Some companies may not offer the ongoing support and maintenance that Atiba does, so when the project is finished you may not hear from them again.

If that’s the case, we can come in where they left off and help you finish the project or provide the necessary updates.

New Technologies

While your custom software may have started out as a desktop application, what happens when you want to make it available for mobile users? Keeping up with new technologies is a way to stay cutting-edge while also maintaining your competitive advantage.

Increased Demand

Your custom software may have worked for a small team, but what happens when your business grows? Can your software meet the new demand? Updating your custom software ensures that it can withstand the new load and be ready for future growth.

Updating software since 1992. Let's work on your project today.

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