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ruby-web-developmentBeing a full-service IT firm means that we have programmers who are fluent in all the common programming languages. That includes one of our favorites, Ruby. Some people confuse the terms, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

The difference is that Ruby is a scripting language for object-oriented programming and  Ruby on Rails is a web development framework. Basically, you can’t have Ruby on Rails without Ruby.

Ruby speeds up the programming process because it is object-oriented and there is a worldwide library of open source code available to our programmers so they aren’t starting every project from scratch. Rails is especially suited for rapid application development, in no small part because the Rails community has made testing quick and easy.

Also, when our programmers are using Rails, they don’t have to worry much about configuring files, which helps with speedy development.

We often combine Ruby with other platforms like MySQL, Java, and CSS in order to complete a full project. Because we have expertise in all of them, we can come up with just the right recipe to make your custom development project a success.

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