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Oracle Support

Atiba is Nashville’s leading Oracle support provider. We have been providing businesses with Oracle support for more than 20 years and we only hire the best and brightest to work on our Oracle support projects.

We know your Oracle products and databases are critical to your business, and when you have a problem, our technicians can get to the root of the issue and get it fixed quickly.


We're ready to help you make the most of Oracle.

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Backup and Recovery

With the Oracle database, you can easily perform point-in-time recovery with the guaranteed high performance that Oracle offers.

Ongoing Support

Here at Atiba, we understand that projects can take various ups and downs over their lifecycle. That's why we provide ongoing support for your Oracle projects.

Emergency Support

Emergencies never come at the right time but we'll be there when they happen. We offer 24/7 emergency support to make sure your business keeps running.

Excerpt from our blog post: AWS vs Oracle Cloud Services: Who Comes Out on Top?

In the tech world, we often play front row to several battles amongst giants. Some are ongoing and will be fought until the end of time, like Sony's PlayStation vs. Microsoft's Xbox. Some have already been decided, like HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray. Others seem to descend into legal battles, like Facebook vs. any country. When it comes to AWS and Oracle, this is definitely one of those battles that is ongoing. It's hard to see Amazon going anywhere anytime soon and Oracle is a global power in its own right, having been around for over 40 years. Both of these companies...
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Oracle Services from Atiba

  • Interpretation and decoding of error messages during installation or routine running of Oracle
  • On-site support
  • Assessment and recommendations on Oracle products, implementation, and updates
  • Customizations, including custom forms and reports
  • Database design and support
  • Performance optimization
  • On-site training
  • MySQL server administration
  • Database security

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