A Day in the Life of a Nashville IT Support Expert: Keeping Music City Connected

By JJ Rosen November 7, 2023
A Day in the Life of a Nashville IT Support Expert: Keeping Music City Connected

Introduction – A Day In the Life of a Nashville IT Support professional at Atiba

Nashville, famously known as Music City, is not just a haven for musicians but a burgeoning hub for businesses and technology. At the heart of this technological evolution are the unsung heroes – the IT support professionals.

For fun, I shadowed one of our IT support gurus to see what a typical day in the life looks like.

Morning Routine: Setting Up for Success

The day starts early for our Nashville IT Support specialists. After a cup of coffee (usually from Bongo Java), the first task is to check the overnight reports. This includes scanning for any system alerts or issues that might have occurred in the myriad of businesses we support, ranging from recording studios to corporate offices in downtown Nashville.

Mid-Morning: Proactive Measures and Client Communications

As the day progresses, proactive system checks are in full swing. Our IT expert ensures all systems are running smoothly, updating software where necessary, and conducting routine cybersecurity checks. Client communication is also key. We touch base with clients, offering updates and addressing any concerns.


Lunch Break: Networking and Community Engagement

Even lunch hours for Nashville IT Support professionals are an opportunity for learning and growth.  The entire helpdesk eats lunch at their desk (today it was tacos from SatCo) and watching a webinar on AI and cybersecurity.

Afternoon: Onsite Visits and Problem-Solving

The afternoons are typically reserved for onsite visits. Whether it’s a network setup at a new office or troubleshooting at a local startup, our IT expert is hands-on in resolving issues. This not only involves technical skills but also strong interpersonal communication to understand and address client needs effectively.  Half-geek-half human.

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Evening: Continued Education and Personal Growth

In the ever-evolving field of IT, continuous learning is crucial. Our Nashville IT Support professional dedicates time in the evening to upskill – be it through online courses, webinars, or researching the latest tech advancements. This commitment to growth ensures they remain at the forefront of IT expertise.  To be good at tech you often have to live and breathe as both a job and a hobby.


From early morning checks to evening studies, a day in the life of a Nashville IT Support professional is diverse and demanding. It’s a role that requires a balance of technical prowess, proactive thinking, and excellent communication skills. They are the backbone of Nashville’s businesses, big and small, ensuring the city’s tech infrastructure is robust, secure, and cutting-edge.

Coming soon!  A Day in the Life of a Nashville Software Developer…stay tuned!

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