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Magento Development Company

eCommerce has exploded over the past year with more and more customers looking online for their next purchase. If you’re looking to break into the eCommerce world, then you should consider Magento as your eCommerce platform.

Our PHP experts know how to take advantage of this popular and user-friendly platform. We’ve been working with Magento for over a decade now, making us Magento leaders. Not only can we build a beautiful site for your company, but our one-stop shop team of geeks can make it SEO-friendly, market it effectively, and provide ongoing web development maintenance.

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Magento Development Services with Atiba


Custom Web Design and Development

There is no one-size-fits-all design when it comes to your eCommerce site. We'll sit down with you to lay out the plans for your unique and perfect website.

Ongoing Magento Maintenance

We've worked on a number of eCommerce stores to get them up and running. Once they go live, we continue to provide updates and maintenance to make sure your site is the best it can be.

Platform Migration

Are you thinking about moving your eCommerce site to the Magento platform? Our team of geeks can get you moved to Magento or provide consulting options.

From the blog: Optimizing eCommerce Sites with Magento Consultants

If the world has learned anything over the past few months, it’s the value of having an effective eCommerce business. Not only are customers more comfortable making online purchases, in many ways, but the online shop also allows customers more freedom and security. But for customers to find, like, and especially buy from your site, it has to have a solid platform and thoughtful design. So let’s talk about how a Magento Consultant at Atiba can help Magento-hosted eCommerce sites win customers and optimize their business. What is Magento? Why don't we go ahead and cover the basics first, right?...
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Magento Services with Atiba

Magento Consulting Services

Making an eCommerce store is no small feat. That’s why we provide Magento consulting to help get you started and make you successful. We can help you form a strategy, optimize an existing site, or integrate a Magento platform for your current business.

Web Development

Our team of expert developers can help you with every facet of your Magento website. From customization to hosting and support, we can do it all.

Digital Marketing

We don’t just help you create your site but we can also ensure that it’s seen on the web. Our slew of digital marketing services will help your site stand out among the rest.

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