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IT Consulting for Small Businesses

It’s almost impossible for a company to be successful these days without a proper IT infrastructure. Instead of going it alone, it’s best to look for an IT partner to make sure your business stays efficient and doesn’t miss a beat.

Making a mistake with your IT infrastructure can be costly with both time and money. You shouldn’t have to go it alone. Let our small business IT experts help you plan and figure out your next steps.

Let's get your small business up to speed.

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Secure Your Data

It's not just large corporations that suffer from cyberattacks, but more and more small businesses are being targeted by cybercriminals. Our consulting experts will help you draft a plan to keep your data and business secure.

Customized Options

All small businesses are unique and your business needs a unique solution. We can customize your network options or programs like SharePoint to fit your business needs.

Cost Savings

With our consulting team, you'll be able to save money by streamlining IT processes and weeding out any inefficiencies. That way, you can put more money back into your business.

Excerpt from our blog post: How Microsoft Access Helps Small Businesses Leverage Data

In 2017 The Economist published a report titled, The World's Most Valuable Resource is no Longer Oil but Data. That's a pretty punchy title that garnered plenty of attention, and for good reason. There seems to be no dispute these days that data can make or break a business. While large companies pump huge budgets into their data machines, small businesses have to find affordable and effective ways to leverage the data available to them. "If you run a business, and you want to do anything with your data, the first thing you need to do is create the infrastructure...
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Why Choose Atiba as Your Small Business IT Partner?

Small Business Experience

As a small business ourselves, we’ve helped countless small businesses over the years find their ideal IT solution. We know the ups and downs of small businesses and are ready to help you today.

Emergency Support

We work to make sure emergencies stay inconveniences rather than full-blown, urgent issues. With our 24/7 support option available for small businesses, we’ll make sure you keep running.

Experienced IT Team

Our network services team has an average of 20 years of experience between all of them, so you know you’re getting some of Nashville’s best experts to help with your small business.

New York Experience, Small Market Price

We seek to provide the best IT experience for your small business without charging you the ‘New York’ price. We’ll work together with your business to make sure you find an appropriate solution.

Ready to get started? Let's build up your small business.

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